I Was An Alien Cat Toy Temin crash lands on an unexplored planet and gets up front and personal with the natives who are giant felines Survival will mean making some unlikely alliances and some most unusual friendships

  • Title: I Was An Alien Cat Toy
  • Author: Ann Somerville
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 275
  • Format: ebook
  • Temin crash lands on an unexplored planet and gets up front and personal with the natives who are giant felines Survival will mean making some unlikely alliances and some most unusual friendships.

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    About "Ann Somerville"

    1. Ann Somerville

      Ann Somerville grew up in one of Australia s prettiest small cities In 1989, she left Australia with a BA and a burning ambition to see of the world and its people, and to discover this culture thing people kept telling her about In 2006, she returned home to Southeast Queensland with two degrees this time in science and IT , an English husband and a staggering case of homesickness, vowing never to leave Australia again.Her long, plot driven fiction featuring gay and bisexual characters has been published by Samhain Publishing and elsewhere.

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    1. My review from 2008To be perfectly honest, if I were prowling the aisle of my local literary chain and came across this book on the shelves, I would have given a little laugh at the cleverness of the title I might even have flipped it over to read the dust jacket Ultimately, however, I would have passed it by without a second thought Not my cup of tea, I would have thought And I would have been so much the worse for having thought so I didn t know what to expect when I started reading this novel [...]

    2. Concentrate on the possible The impossible makes you weakTeminThe PlotTemin is 28 years old human, and pilot of a transporter starship After a engine failure he will be obligate to land better say crash in a hostile planet Nothing is know about that strange planet Temin just have one information all human colonization starship directed to it never went back, and strangely humans never insist about it The fate of those expeditions But Temin will have little time to ponder about it when he crash i [...]

    3. This is written very well, and I loved parts of the book, but overall it didn t appeal as much as I hoped I didn t like the society that Temin finds himself in It was drawn vividly, constructed with care and logic, and completely believable, but I didn t care for anyone there except for the other MC, Gredar The style of the book was uneven One part deals with rape and abuse, but this happens off the page, and we see only the fallout and recovery I like dark fics, but inherently in a dark fic the [...]

    4. 3.5 starsWell, that I was not expecting You know what I wanted That s right, some kink aaaay furry sex There was furry sex, just not kink aaaay Or even kinky for that matter But instead I got some feels, so alls good.When Temin crash lands on an unknown planet he s found by these cat like people And the cats have no idea what Temin is, so they take him in as a pet Literally Here s some dialogue about Temin so you get an idea of just how pet ish they treated him It was such a nuisance in the begi [...]

    5. Stars 4.5 5Overall Wow Just wow Although it has a pretty corny awful title, this book is 99% excellent The characters are deep, well developed and touching The plot is just as well developed, thoroughly explored, and amazing It takes a while to progress from A to B, but the journey was worth every word The writing was well done, moving me to tears at two separate occasions What I likedCharacters and Plot I m grouping these together because I could probably rave on and on The characters weren t p [...]

    6. You want a book about big cat like aliens taking care of small fragile human You want cute moments between two lovers You want a science fiction book that questions human nature and the definition of humanity You want steamy hot alien sex You want moments of pathos and heart gripping story twists This is the one to read I think this is one of the best gay science fiction novel I have ever come across Read it and it will not disappoint.Lastly, it amazes me how this book isn t number one on the li [...]

    7. I read this 3 or years ago but I don t remember if I liked it or not I do like Ann Somerville s writing so it s possible that I enjoyed it but I have a feeling I was feeling like this Kdramas sure are an excellent source for reaction gifs because that is often my reaction to many things.

    8. A human, Timen, is marooned on an alien world inhabited by sentient, giant cats, the Day neh They mistake him for an animal, keep him as a pet and can t figure out he s cold when he has no fur But one of the cats, Gredar, takes a liking to the small creature and keeps him warm After a while, Gredar figures out Timen is not just an animal, and tries to communicate It also helps that Timen is gay, and the males of the Day neh race are bisexual.Let me get my gripes out of the way first Timen freque [...]

    9. This is a fabulous story which doesn t give in to sci fi cliches or cute alien stereotypes It s a real, emotional story which left me crying and clutching my cat Poor kitty may need therapy to recover from the cuddle fest I Was An Alien Cat Toy instigated.WARNING There isn t a happy ending, and while it s appropriate and I commend the author for staying true to the story, I still have to warn other readers that you re likely to finish this book feeling depressed There are also some very disturbi [...]

    10. I love hate books like this.Beautifully written, well plotted, character driven and logical to the point where the two main characters do NOT end up together because there is no logical happy ending for them.This book has one of the worst titles and an awful cover I ve confused it in my mind with Illian Obsidian s Cat Toy so often that I actually thought that I had read this On the surface, the similarities between the two books are obvious a futuristic spaceman crash lands on a planet populated [...]

    11. This is a fun, funny, sad and challenging read Temin crash lands on a planet with large, bipedal cat like aliens called the daiyne He is mistaken for a monkey like pet and suffers greatly until he is given to Gredar The story is about Temin and Gredar s friendship Temin is fighting to be recognized as a sentient being and Gredar is just trying to survive in a matriarchal society Since humans and daiynes speak different languages, the conversations might be a bit trying for some readers some exam [...]

    12. It was good ish, but I thought that, given the plot, the title was really melodramatic I mean, the parts that might have dealt with abuse were really skimmed over We re told second hand about it, but it s not really as compelling for that It seems to just dive into Temin finding Gredar was that his name and then them living all happy like and stuff The rape scene was abbreviated and the implications skimmed over Yeah, he was somewhat traumatized, but he kind of justok it in stride, it seemed.Ove [...]

    13. Ms Somerville was already known to me as a than competent author not a given among M M romance writers, especially ladies but with this one she really outshines most of her collegues.I am not in a position to evaluate the absolute originality of the plot itself as I am no avid reader of SF in general, but as far as M M fiction is concerned it was quite new and engaging Temin is a deep space pilot who crashes on a supposedly uninhabited planet only to find it peopled by a society of intelligent [...]

    14. I loved, loved, LOVED this book I do give out five stars when I really like a book, but I m very selective over my keeper list and this one has gone straight onto it That shows how highly I rate it And yet, maybe I wouldn t have read this as quickly if I hadn t read Pauls review of it first, because, like him, I would have probably thought, this doesn t sound like it s for me after seeing the cover and title I would have put it lower down my to be read pile But after getting an idea that it was [...]

    15. A book that makes me cry usually gets 5 stars right away, since if I m crying must have really gotten into the story However, this book looses a star because I had huge issues with the society that Temin winds up in A matriarchal society isn t anything new, I just didn t like the way it was portrayed There was just something about it that turned my stomach all the time Most of the women in the story I hated, passionately I wanted Temin and Gredar to stay together so badly I knew they wouldn t fr [...]

    16. I picked this up while looking for some trash reading and I couldn t pass up the title But it was a surprisingly to me, having judged by title pretty well written, good world building, and decent if fairly predictable story, and b HUGELY FUCKING SAD which then meant I was sitting on the couch SOBBING through the last 40 minutes of I Was An Alien Cat Toy which just sounds really pathetic Anyway Good story No HEA, in my opinion Which is not what I was looking for when I set out to read.

    17. The title of this book is a bit misleading I was expecting a fluffy, fun, sensual read Instead it is a well written science fiction book which chronicles Temin s crash and subsequent fight for survival on an unexplored planet He is taken in as a pet by some of the indigenous cat like race who treat him less than gently He struggles to be acknowledged as a sentient being and make a place for himself on this dangerous planet.I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to any who enjoy science f [...]

    18. I only started this out of curiosity because the title sounded so outlandishly sensational but this story of a human marooned on a planet inhabited by cat like aliens actually turned out to be a nice read There s some violence and non con, but the characters are well written and the sex scenes only rarely weird rather than erotic.

    19. What a totally ridiculous name for a book, but what a wonderful book it was Very original and very well written And the scifi story holds together very well Very enjoyable Definetely recommended.

    20. Good story However, I thought the dialog got in the way a bit Also, the shefting profanity was shefting overused even if they were shefting made up words.

    21. Check out Paul Bens review that s what inspired me to read this excellent novella And yeah, I pretty much thought it was great Sequel please Pretty please

    22. The title just doesn t do the book justice it s a lot than a story about an alien play thing Very moving story with a heart breaking ending.

    23. Short and sweet.The only problem i had is it was too short and didnt go into enough detail in some areas But other then that its worth a read when you have a good amount of time

    24. I didn t expect thisNothing about the title or cover art interested me in the bookbut OMG did it put my emotions thur the ringer I finished it in a day

    25. What a deceiving title I passed over this book many times on my recommendations list due to the title We ve all been tricked into reading self published fanfic, ficlit or whatever it s called The poorly conceived, badly written crap that wants to be erotica romance but is actually not even porn I m also not partial to alien porn, which is what I thought this was I was so completely and terribly wrong I owe the chance to experience this amazing read to and the reviewers who convinced me to take a [...]

    26. I Was An Alien Cat Toy est l une des meilleures Romance M M SF que j ai eu le plaisir de lire La race alien f line, leur soci t et leur culture, l volution de la relation entre Temin, l humain et Gredar, le Day Neh et entre Temin et le reste du clan, j ai tout aim Sauf la fin mais je vais y revenir.Ce que j ai trouv de plus int ressant dans cette romance c est l volution de la relation entre les 2 personnages principaux Les Day Neh ne connaissent pas le principe d amoureux, la relation la plus a [...]

    27. Well, this was a push at my curiousity unfortunately it ended up just as that.Those who read some other of my reviews know I m a sucker for new cultures and races, already That s why I thought giving this book a try wouldn t hurt either Man was I wrong.At first I thought the story seemed boring to me only because it didn t quite start yet Okay, maybe the initial crash that took 20 hours and man, did it also feel like that could ve been enough of a hint for me Guess I have quite dull senses, comi [...]

    28. Okay, what was up with that ending Like seriously The book was an interesting read It s like you ask a question that everyone wonders and would like to see turned into a movie Like, I wonder how Thor would react to the Hulk It s like one of those, if that makes any sense This book plays out like, I wonder how a civilization of Cat people would react to a human that they have no awareness about The story is really interesting there was complexities such as language barriers, and the realization t [...]

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