William Shakespeare s A Midsummer Night s Dream Shakespeare Retellings One night two young couples run into an enchanted forest in an attempt to escape their problems But these four humans do not realize that the forest is filled with fairies and hobgoblins who love maki

  • Title: William Shakespeare's: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare Retellings, #2)
  • Author: Bruce Coville Dennis Nolan
  • ISBN: 9780142501689
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • One night two young couples run into an enchanted forest in an attempt to escape their problems But these four humans do not realize that the forest is filled with fairies and hobgoblins who love making mischief When Oberon, the Fairy King, and his loyal hobgoblin servant, Puck, intervene in human affairs, the fate of these young couples is magically and hilariously tranOne night two young couples run into an enchanted forest in an attempt to escape their problems But these four humans do not realize that the forest is filled with fairies and hobgoblins who love making mischief When Oberon, the Fairy King, and his loyal hobgoblin servant, Puck, intervene in human affairs, the fate of these young couples is magically and hilariously transformed Like a classic fairy tale, this retelling of William Shakespeare s most beloved comedy is perfect for older readers who will find much to treasure and for younger readers who will love hearing the story read aloud.

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      247 Bruce Coville Dennis Nolan
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      Bruce Coville Dennis Nolan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the William Shakespeare's: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare Retellings, #2) book, this is one of the most wanted Bruce Coville Dennis Nolan author readers around the world.

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    1. I know that there is a whole slew of people who object to reading adaptations and abridged versions of classics And for a mature audience, I m against abridged versions too but I ve chosen to use adaptations, re tellings and abridged versions of certain classics with my son as a first exposure I ve done this with Homer s Odyssey and the Iliad and he will tell you that the Odyssey is his all time favorite story Mission accomplished when he s older and ready to tackle Homer he ll do so with fond m [...]

    2. Why didn t I ever read this before My sister is in love with William Shakespeare and raves about his writing She will have your high school students read the books constantly I love the story It was cute and devilish It also was easy to follow Easy read and fun

    3. Fantastic retelling of Shakespeare play Great illustrations that help kids and parents keep the characters straight Perfect book to introduce Shakespeare to children and getting them ready for reading the true play in his words I would love to own a copy of this book it was that good.b 11 8 17

    4. GREAT Illustrations could have been better, but the story is well told and my 8 year old laughed and laughed I m surprised how well she followed the plot.

    5. I have been a fan of Mr Shakespeare for quite a while now So when I wondered across this cute little picture book in my local library, I knew I needed to give it a go I have heard many great opinions on A Midsummer Night s Dream, and although I haven t read the original, I have read a couple of books that feature the characters from this The Iron King and the Ruby the Red Fairy books from my VERY earlier years like when I was 5 are two examples Nevertheless, I loved this book Adorable illustrati [...]

    6. I just bought this for my mom She doesn t know the story of the play and wants to, as my nephew was recently cast in a kid s version of the play as Oberon Of course, I had to read it first before bringing it to her.A complicated plot is told here in a clear fashion very nice illustrations too I knew what author to go to for this because I d bought Coville s version of Macbeth when my son was cast in an adult production of that play when he was only eight as Macduff s son and I wanted him to know [...]

    7. As a child, I remember reading children s versions of Homer s Odyssey In college, I read the real thing and I can remember not just the joy of reading the stories again, but how easy it was to comprehend the text So I am a big fan of reading adaptations to my children, especially when they enjoy them tremendously Because they will form a strong, positive opinion of that story so when they come across the real thing, it will not daunt them This is a great retelling of Shakespeare s Midsummer It i [...]

    8. This was my first and favorite Shakespeare, hands down Looking back, this was an odd pick for a seventh grade English teacher, but who am I to judge Plus it got me really interested in Mr Bill This play remains my favorite because of its sense of humor that is still as funny now as it was then, even though I did not understand half of it when I originally read it The sexual references and such went over my head Really, I simply loved the fun of this play William went ahead and included faeries a [...]

    9. What a fantastic book to introduce younger readers to the works of William Shakespeare in a way that is easily understandable I love the fact that younger readers do not have to wait until they are in high school to begin reading such classic literature as Shakespeare I found this book easy to follow along with the story and that it was not so condensed that the reader misses out on the spirit of a Shakespeare play I would recommend this book for any child and would be a excellent addition to an [...]

    10. This is a very dramatic lovestory about two men, one named Demetrius, one named Lysander, and two girls, one named Helena, and one named Hermia Hermia loves Lysander, and wants to marry him, even though her father doesn t like him and wants her to marry Demetrius Helena loves Demetrus, but is jealous of Hermia because he loves her and not Helena The fairies cast chaotic love spells that cause much trouble, as well as trouble for the fairies, not just Lysander and Demetrius and Helena and Hermia. [...]

    11. It s a paly about this couple that run through this forest trying to escape their problems and to get secretly married Little did they know that this forest was enchanted and n this forest lived fairies The couple and these other two people fell upon an enchanted spell and they all feel in love with the wrong person An actor then fell upon another spell and turned into a donkey The queen fairy fell in love with the donkey and soon after breaking out of her spell every body went back to normal an [...]

    12. Shakespeare s work has never been anything I found interesting, only a rite of passage needed enduring to get through high school I so wish I had books like this to help me comprehend and better appreciate Shakespeare s befuddling tales Bruce Coville did a wonderful job of streamlining A Midsummer Night s Dream in a way that would makes sense to intermediate age students on up probably than those cliff notes ever could.

    13. Being a huge Shakespeare fan myself, I ve looked at different options for introducing his work to my kids This is my first Bruce Coville re telling, and we LOVED it By far my favorite kid s adaptation of Shakespeare thus far The story is easy enough for them to follow but still contains the most crucial plot elements Well written The illustrations are colorful, gorgeous, fantastic they add much to the story for the kids.

    14. So I was reading a recent Q and A interview featuring Stephenie Meyer and she mentioned that the book, Breaking Dawn had a theme similar to A Midsummer Night s Dream Of course, me being the avid fan that I am dropped everything and went out to get this book.

    15. This tale is really funny No motion picture has ever been able to pull off the full comedy of the printed version The characters become tangled in a web of enchantment and lust where beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and life s passions can change on a dime I love this tale Puck is a delight All of the characters are.

    16. We love this book I ve read it to each of my chiildren multiple times over the years The illustrations evoke all the magic of the fairy filled forrest, while the text provides a clear retelling of all the confussion and much of the humor.This is a great book for any age A good warm up to a reading of the orignal text or a viewing of the play itself.

    17. This is a version for younger people but as the story is complicated and confusing, the book is still a bit complicated and confusing It is very good at illustrating and telling the story and I enjoyed it very much The essence of the story is still there and the illustrations are outstanding.

    18. I love Bruce Coville adaptations of Shakespeare He does a great job of simplifying the stories so that kids can understand while keeping some of Shakespeare wonderful language.His other titles include Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, The Tempest, and A Winter s Tale.

    19. What a hilarious comedy I finished reading this 48 page abridged version of this play A Midsummer Night s Dream in a mere 20 minutes.The plot at first may seem like things were about to go downhill, but being the comedy that it is, everything turns out to be alright I love it

    20. I ve read this book nine times It s part of my Grade 7 Shakespeare unit, and this year, the kids really got into the word play, love triangles, three settings, and funky illustrations, and I was blown away with the connections they made to our class novel The king of Shadows by Susan Cooper.

    21. A classic tale well done art clear writing a keeper.Anyone, any age, will enjoy this abbreviated retelling of a timeless story I appreciated a refresher on the names of the main characters I will read this with the kids to get their opinions.

    22. So funny And mystical and beautiful We just saw the play at Sundance and they did a great job Definately worth a re read A review of the plot is essential before seeing the play It is quite confusing I learned that we need to make compromises in our relationships.

    23. Quinton and I read this one when he was doing Shakespeare last year in Kindergarten It was a good book to get the plot of the play for him The abridged version gave him a point of reference for his skit and lines that he had to perform Beautiful illustrations

    24. I was curious about Oberon, Titania and how they were related to Puck because these characters are in the Sisters Grimm books and I thought that A Midsummer Night s Dream might have something that would explain It was a good story.

    25. It wasnt the best retell It just was a reminder of what the story is not about The auther like could not wai t to finish the story.

    26. I see a voice, I hear a face Seriously one of my favorite lines of literature ever This is my favorite of the Shakespeare comedies I read it in High School and have returned to it often.

    27. Danielle and I read this to prepare for the upcoming performance we are attending this week The illustrations are gorgeous.

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