Kissing Games The course of true love never did run smooth For a girl who shares her name with a princess a k a Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Aurora Skye s life seem fathoms away from a fairytale Sure she s landed H

  • Title: Kissing Games
  • Author: Tara Eglington
  • ISBN: 9781250075260
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The course of true love never did run smooth For a girl who shares her name with a princess a.k.a Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Aurora Skye s life seem fathoms away from a fairytale Sure, she s landed Hayden Paris, Potential Prince extraordinaire And she got her wish one first kiss with all the knee trembling, butterfly inducing gloriousness she d hoped for But AuroThe course of true love never did run smooth For a girl who shares her name with a princess a.k.a Aurora from Sleeping Beauty Aurora Skye s life seem fathoms away from a fairytale Sure, she s landed Hayden Paris, Potential Prince extraordinaire And she got her wish one first kiss with all the knee trembling, butterfly inducing gloriousness she d hoped for But Aurora s learning that a kiss is just the beginning of a story.Instead of being the truly transcendent, utterly epic follow up it should be, her second attempt at kissing has literally landed Hayden Paris in the emergency room If that s not mortifying enough, the whole school is now referring to her as Lethal Lips.Meanwhile it s all systems go for her best friend Cassie she and Potential Prince Scott are totally loved up and can t stop kissing Jelena Jefferson High s answer to Helen of Troy has moved on from the heinous betrayal by Bad Boy Alex West and has unleashed her plan to rule the world by running for School Captain Problem is Alex is running too and Jelena s pulling out all the stops to prevent him from stealing her rightful place as ruler of Jefferson High including offering Aurora s Find a Prince Princess Program as one of her campaign initiatives.How is Aurora going to prove her program is foolproof and help Jelena win the election when her matchmaking manoeuvres seem to be throwing all the wrong people together including the NAD and the hippy dippy Ms Deforest and she can t even convince Hayden to kiss her Age 12

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      Tara Eglington grew up in Byron Bay, Australia, and now lives in Sydney Tara is the author of How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You , How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You My Best Friend is a Goddess and the forthcoming The Long Distance Playlist Her books have been published in Australia, New Zealand, and the USA Tara s third YA novel My Best Friend is a Goddess was released in Australia in October 2016 by Harper Collins Publishers The novel is on the CBCA Children s Book Council of Australia 2017 Notables list It was also the 7 best selling YA title by an Australian Author for the Year July 2016 June 2017 in Australia Neilson Bookscan.Tara s fourth YA novel THE LONG DISTANCE PLAYLIST will be published by Harper Collins Australia in early 2019 How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You was published in the US and Canada by St Martins Macmillan in October 2016, with the sequel titled Kissing Games to follow in May 2018.Tara s hobbies when she s not writing include watching endless cat videos on YouTube, planning pretend holidays to the Maldives, and daydreaming about who would play Hayden Paris in the film adaption of How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You.Tara loves to hear from readers, so please feel free to inbox her here on , or say hello via Facebook facebook taraeglington Instagram instagram taraeglingtonTwitter twitter taraeglington

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    1. I received a copy of this book from a giveawayI loved this book and the series so far How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You is a fun, light read that still has so much heart Expanding on some of the key themes that the first novel had to offer, this book is a joy to read and offered further insight into the realm of teenage relationships with friends, parents and of course love interests Don t look down , Hayden called Look at me I m holding my arms out for you I always will.In this installment of t [...]

    2. I received a ARC in a giveaway DIt s hard enough playing matchmaker for your friends But how about the pressure when your friend s high school presidency campaign is relying on your abilities as Cupid Kissing Games picks up right where the previous book left off, with Aurora and her Prince, Hayden, seemingly in a wonderful relationship That is, just until a mishap with their second kiss accidentally sends him to the emergency room Managing her own relationship is proving to be difficult enough, [...]

    3. How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You is an enjoyable, entertaining read and a terrific sequel to How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You Aurora Skye is even witty and quirky than she was in the first novel Her qualities of loyalty, assertiveness, and compassion are definitely prominent in this novel and clearly shone through Aurora s character I feel that she is slightly mature in a few aspects handling some things well yet on the other hand, Aurora is also na ve or vulnerable I ll give you every bit [...]

    4. When this book finally arrived at the bookstore yesterday I was so excited to start reading I ended up spending pretty much my entire day reading it.This series is AMAZING.No, amazing doesn t even begin to cover it.The first book had me utterly engrossed and laughing my head off at all the delightfully ridiculous Aurora Hayden squabbles, and loving the sweet, romantic scenes What I was really impressed with was how Hayden was believably annoying to Aurora, but didn t annoy me Which practically n [...]

    5. I think this young romance story is very lovely I m really like the way how the author represent a young life of a sixteen years old girl The story became real to me as if i wish that Aurora, Hayden and other characters are real as well I really appreciate the creative writing of Tara and thanks to her that my aspect to view the world differently The humor was just hilarious and also the dramatic moment of Aurora and Hayden.I wish you all the best and please continued to release the next brillia [...]

    6. Convince as I ll be referring to it as , picks up where the first book ends Aurora and her prince Hayden are just dipping their feet into the pool of dating but everything seems to go wrong Aurora s attempts to be romantic backfires entirely, with Hayden ending up in the hospital with a split lip and Aurora burning off the ends of her hair This earns her the nickname of Lethal Lips , which doesn t help her reputation in launching her matchmaker program.Meanwhile, her best friend Jelena is runnin [...]

    7. OMG so I love to to keep a boy from kissing you it was absolutely amazing it is like my ultimate feel good book whenever I read it it just makes me happy and I can never put it down even though I know what s going to happen I downloaded the sample on iBooks of how to convince a boy to kiss u and loved it the same I hope It comes out soon I m a bit confused in my girlfriend magazine it said the 22nd but then iBooks says the 1st of December I dunno but either way I can way and will probably do wha [...]


    9. I won this from as part of their First Reads giveaways Tara Eglington has done it again How To Convince A Boy To Kiss You was just as funny as the first, just as romantic and just as squeal inducing I love to read a good romantic comedy and this was a great one.One of my favourite YA couples are back Aurora found her Prince with the boy next door Hayden What I wouldn t have given to have a boy like Hayden living next to me when I was a teen and got her amazing first kiss in How To Keep A Boy Fro [...]

    10. I absolutely adored How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You and was so looking forward to the sequel Aurora is still her complex and entertaining self, but I didn t enjoy the plot of this book as much as the previous book I think it had to do with Aurora s self doubt and constant over analysing, and the way she kept pushing Hayden away, rather than talking to him I understand why she did it, it goes back to the way her mother abandoned her and her father, but it was frustrating to read about I do thi [...]

    11. finds out the wait untill publication OMG I still have to wait until November Nooooooo I need it now, can t wait much longer

    12. Loved this book While I thought the first was better, How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You was just as cute and adorable as the first, however explored slightly darker themes such as abandonment issues and bullying harassment.Aurora was was just as naive and cute as before, and her and Hayden s relationship is just life I cannot count how many times I cringed throughout the novel at some of the things she did though Aurora s character development was from start to finish was written very well.All t [...]

    13. Utterly charming, just like the first Very funny, just like the first, and just like the first, some moments of real poignancy in the life of this ever hopeful Princess.Aurora has finally found her prince, but as tends to happen in these books, their sailing is not smooth okay excuse me while I mix some metaphors I found this part of the book the most frustrating I just wanted to see some real conversation, some alone happy time for this pair But I can see that angst and confusion keeps a narrat [...]

    14. I adored this book Its so relatable in the way it shows that it is it just romantic relationships that can t cause a broken heart, but that if family and other situations to Ranging from the first kiss to break ups and showing that people are not always as they appear, this book delves a lot deeper in a relatable sense than it s predecessor I m glad I received a copy of this book from Firstreads, it was brilliantly constructed I couldn t put it down.

    15. I m not going to lie, I seriously love these books I ll admit that the Aurora Skye series is totally cringe inducing and full of moments that I die of embarrassment just by reading about, but they re super cute and silly and perfect for lazy summer days or when you re in the mood for awkward YA romance.

    16. This book was amazing I loved every bit of it, I didn t want it to end I honestly couldn t stop laughing Such a good book recommend it to anyone younger than 17 and looking for a good laugh

    17. Cute and simple love story of Aurora Skye in high school Is there going to be books in the series coming out

    18. I loved this book way than the first one its great to see aurora becoming bolder and losing some of the innocence she has, I wonder and hope that there will be a third book in the series

    19. A lovely book for a teen or young at heart, great characters, great sequel to Tara s How to keep a boy from kissing you Easy to read, lighthearted.Dreamy and romantic.

    20. Such a great book just like the first one, I could never put it down without wanting to read .This is full of heart and emotions of a sweet, sad, but happy fairy tale.

    21. How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You is the second book in Aurora Skye s series The first novel was all about Aurora and Hayden s relationship and lots of laughs, while the second book is on the emotional side mother daughterwise I love the way Tara Eglington writes about loss, love and fear in her books She depicts it all exactly the way it is Even tough the second part of Aurora s adventures wasn t as hilarious as the first one, I found in it something even important true stories that we all ha [...]

    22. This is a fun coming of age novel that I enjoyed It turned out to have much complexity than I had expected Some very serious issues intense parental relationships, intricate young romances, bullying, etc are dealt with humor, understanding and sensitivity Aurora is such a well developed character that she really came to life for me in this story A recommended read I won a copy of this book in a giveaway for this honest review.

    23. 2.5This sequel was excessively and unnecessarily lengthy, and the ending was pretty much rushed.

    24. Aurora Skye is back and she is finding out that even after you have found your prince charming plenty of things can still go wrong The magic after her first kiss with nemesis turned true love and boy next door, Hayden Paris, starts to fade after their first date ends with a trip to the emergency room And Aurora has to worry about than her own romance Jelena is running for school captain and she has roped Aurora into launching her Find a Prince Princess program and finding the perfect match for [...]

    25. Read reviews, see awesome GIFS and see my rambling thoughts at my blog, The Loony Teen WriterThis is the sequel to How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You by the same author You can read my review here.Again, it s a super cute book, but I had a niggling feeling in the first book which got intense during this one I don t think I m the right person to read it.Let s just get it out of the way it s really girly I m not a girly girl in any sense of the word Or at least, not to the extremes that these gir [...]

    26. 4.5 stars I admit, the book wasn t as good as its first of which I fangirled many times with my friend It still had that humour, and great representations of the characters in there It had an ok flow of writing, it took me a while to finish the book compared to the first book Fine, I ll stop comparing, I ll review it as if it was a standalone this is my first time using pros and cons as my template Edit It s very difficult to do, I just want to shove it into a big glob of words.Pros The start wa [...]

    27. The full review is available on The Basic BookwormAfter finding her Prince in Hayden Paris, Aurora has been feeling the pressure to ensure that her next kiss will be mind blowing Unfortunately, disaster always seems to follow Aurora, especially when Hayden is admitted to the local hospital with a significant lip injury Meanwhile, Jelena has begun campaigning for school captain, and uses Aurora s Find a Prince Princess Program as a campaign policy With unexpected situations and interesting matchm [...]

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