Midnight Rain MIDNIGHT RAIN is a dark coming of age novel in the vein of Robert McCammon s BOY S LIFE and Stephen King s THE BODY STAND BY ME It is a tale of growing up in the South a reflection of boyhood and all

  • Title: Midnight Rain
  • Author: James Newman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • MIDNIGHT RAIN is a dark coming of age novel in the vein of Robert McCammon s BOY S LIFE and Stephen King s THE BODY STAND BY ME It is a tale of growing up in the South, a reflection of boyhood and all its wonders, and the story of how one boy deals with a terrible secret that threatens to tear apart both his family and hometown 1977 In a small town called Midnight,MIDNIGHT RAIN is a dark coming of age novel in the vein of Robert McCammon s BOY S LIFE and Stephen King s THE BODY STAND BY ME It is a tale of growing up in the South, a reflection of boyhood and all its wonders, and the story of how one boy deals with a terrible secret that threatens to tear apart both his family and hometown 1977 In a small town called Midnight, North Carolina, twelve year old Kyle Mackey ventures toward a strange new world called manhood Kyle s older brother Dan is going away to college The night before Dan s flight leaves for Florida, Kyle visits what he calls his Secret Place an old shack in the woods bordering Midnight But Kyle stumbles upon something that proves his favorite spot in the world is neither as private nor as innocent as he once thought It begins with the naked, battered corpse of a young woman And, standing over her, a man Kyle knows

    Midnight Rain Feb , Brianna married a man she thought would protect her forever But soon discovers Vincenzo has a dark secret and an evil family with connections controlling his narcissistic sociopathic traits and will go to any lengths to keep the secret controlled and hidden. Midnight Rain Newman, James Jun , Midnight Rain is wonderful coming of age story about a young boy in a small town who is witness to a murder of a teenage girl There are so many themes explored in this book trust, love, betrayal, addiction, authority, racism, and death to just name a few. Paul Kelly Midnight Rain YouTube Feb , Paul Kelly Midnight Rain Live Midnight Rain Webtoon Wiki Fandom Midnight Rain WEBTOON Read Midnight Rain Now Digital comics on WEBTOON Noemi s Parents are working for one of the richest family in the country and moved to live on their estate There she meets Blade the hot headed prince and Soren, the illigitimate son.

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      James Newman Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Midnight Rain book, this is one of the most wanted James Newman author readers around the world.

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    1. This was a coming of age tale that was compared to Boy s Life on the cover That s a bold statement.A young boy, Kyle, witnesses a murder Very Boy s Life ish so far Do you remember the exact moment when your childhood ended I do So begins the mystery and the rain This is a fine tale of growing up the hard way Kyle is discovering that all is not what it seems to be Not the sheriff, not his mother, and not even his older brother, Dan He s trying to do the right thing, but that isn t always easy I w [...]

    2. Obviously contrary to popular opinion, this did not work at all for me The writing is actually better than the one star suggests, but two stars at translates to It was OK and it really wasn t, so after a short debate with myself, I m going to have to put the lone star on here The story is a coming of age that borrows, quite shamelessly, from Simmon s Summer of Night , McCammon s Boy s Life and King s It and The Body add at your leisure This part is OK, even if the story develops in only the mos [...]

    3. I ll try to review this without mentioning Boy s Life Dammit I couldn t help it It s an easy comparison The Body and Summer of Night also come to mind Midnight Rain was less a horror novel and of a coming of age story blended with mystery crime elements All in all, very well done and the tension really builds near the end Gripping is a word I ll use for the last 15%.I also want to note that I believe this is one of the first books published by the author 2004 I ve read three of his others, Anim [...]

    4. A dark coming of age story that fans of McCammon s Boy s Life will enjoy without feeling like they ve read it all before, as Newman s voice is uniquely his own This is my first encounter with this author, and I look forward to reading by him.

    5. A very emotionally compelling read of a 12 year old boy who witnesses a murder in his small hometown Comparisons have been made with McCammon s BOY S LIFE, but this story has a feel all of its own The repercussions and hidden things that come to light in the aftermath of this tragedy makes for a gripping tale, leaving you wondering just where the ride will take you next Newman has a voice all of his own, and I anticipate reading from him.Recommended

    6. Where do I begin to talk about a book that I thought was magnificent and that brought with it such colourful and personal memories of childhood For a short time I rode with Kyle Mackey on this trusty bike Burner mum and dad would not allow him a dog and I felt his pain as the world of a young 12 year old boy collapsed and all his dearest and trusted friends betrayed himwhere does a young mind go when trust and truth no longer exist One day in August of 77 Kyle Mackey witnessed an event that chan [...]

    7. James Newman wrote this book a while ago Midnight Rain You may have heard of it It was part of the amazing Leisure Books run I missed it upon its initial release To be honest, I had only just revved up my reading at the time, circa 2004.Midnight Rain is a coming of age story about twelve year old, Kyle Mackey Kyle, a kid who loves his bike, loves his older brother, and lives with his alcoholic mother, has a spot in the woods that he loves to hang out in away from the rest of the world The story [...]

    8. Kyle is your typical twelve year old growing up in the late 1970s His best friend is his bicycle, which he s named Burner, and he enjoys hanging out in his secret place, an old, deserted hermit s shack in the middle woods in Midnight, North Carolina On a rainy night, he witnesses the murder of a young girl by the local sheriff in his secret place and his life will never be the same again All alone with his fears, he doesn t know who he can turn to His brother is heading to college on a basketbal [...]

    9. This was a pretty good coming of age story The strength of the book was mostly in the characters and the writing itself Newman did a great job capturing the psyche of a scared 12 year old boy navigating the treacherous, murderous really, adult world of a small town in 1977 Plenty of cultural references to set the mood and only minor editing spelling errors Very quick read Recommended.

    10. Kyle is coming of age in a small southern town He s right on the edge of boyhood, about to take the plunge into the scary morass of puberty He idolizes his older brother, Daniel, and struggles with his mother and her alcoholism One fateful night, as he s visiting his secret place in the woods, his bastion of childhood is forever sullied by the terrible event he witnesses Who can he trust What can he do Kyle must wrestle with his desire to hold onto his childhood and his desire to do the right th [...]

    11. Childhood lost The town of Midnight has an evil lurking beneath the surface and it s fate rests in the hands of a twelve year old boy An engaging tale of tragedy in a small town James Newman kicks out yet another winner with Midnight Rain Solid 4 Stars Highly Recommended

    12. Midnight Rain is the first full length novel by James Newman It s a coming of age story about Kyle, whose childhood comes to a very abrupt end when he witnesses a murder Over the course of a very rainy couple of weeks, Kyle learns a lot about life, as well as the people around him, and how little he really knew about them He also learns about family, and the extremes people will go to in order to protect their own.The story is interesting and well paced, the characters fleshed out, and the envir [...]

    13. It s James, so it s great This book set out to pay homage to the greats like Boy s Life, Summer of Night, and The Body, and it does a good job of doing so I really enjoyed it.

    14. I really enjoyed this coming of age story by James Newman Midnight Rain reminded me a lot of Boy s Life by McCammon but with a little bit of the mystery element to it I thought Kyle made some really bad decisions throughout the story but maybe that s what 12 year old kids do Sheriff Baker was quite a good villain in the story along with his son Henry I look forward to some James Newman stories.

    15. I m gonna be really kind and give you 2 reviews of Midnight Rain by James Newman.Review 1 Listen it s by James Newman no review needed just buy the thing Review 2 Midnight Rain was Mr Newman s first full novel After a quick conversation with him on Facebook a couple of nights ago give that a go by the way he is one of the most approachable and friendly authors I know of he told me he was rather proud of it I think I have to agree that he should be immensely proud of it For a debut novel it is ou [...]

    16. A tense, emotional, dark tale of a horrific crime witnessed by a twelve year old boy in a small North Carolina town, and the decisions he makes in its aftermath, and how those decisions impact everyone around him I want to say thank you, Mr Newman thank you for writing Midnight Rain I absolutely loved this book The prose was smooth, the story telling personal, and the pace was perfect It s been a long time since I felt for a character as much as I did for Kyle Fantastic read.

    17. Another good book from James Newman In ways I could tell that this was a first novel, but that is small stuff that did not affect my overall enjoyment of the book This was suspense then horror, but I thought that fit this coming of age story really well I would recommend this to any fan of James Newman, and anyone looking for a good southern suspense read.

    18. This was a great coming of age tale I absolutely loved Newman s style which seemed similar to Robert McCammon or Ronald Malfi with a little Jeff Strand humor It was moving and tugged my heart strings one minute, and the next it had me laughing I definitely have to check out James Newman s other works as this was the first thing of his I have read HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    19. Part suspense thriller and part coming of age novel, this book impressed me It takes place in 1977, and for me it was kind of nostalgic even though it was a little bit before my time.I think what impressed me most about this book was the quality of the writing Newman s storytelling is natural and flows really well As a result, the story is engaging and difficult to put down.The story is pretty dark and fairly graphic in spots, but very well done I wasn t familiar with Newman prior to reading thi [...]

    20. Spoiler alert I loved this book, Midnight Rain, by James Newman It was fast paced, easy to read, exciting, and had many aspects I could personally relate to I totally related to Kyle s love of his bike I too felt so much wonderful freedom when I rode by 10 speed as a teenager Next, I ve lived in North Carolina for almost 7 years now and I have seen the racism against black people Very sad considering it s 2016 And then there is the fact that Kyle is 12 and his hormones and genitals have not yet [...]

    21. One of the most powerful opening lines I have ever read Now maybe that is because we all bring our own baggage to what we read, but I doubt that The opening line is powerful, and causes introspection, and most of the book lives up to that promise, but toward the end, it falls apart for me I could have expected too much, but I do not think so Newman is a strong, and gifted writer, and this should have held together better, but I feel the end seemed contrived and rushed.

    22. Newman s first novel and the only one so far to get a mass market release The author isn t very prolific, but every book he publishes is worth the wait This is my favorite of his novels, a touching coming of age tale set against the backdrop of a murder mystery Certainly echoes of McCammon s Boy s Life in this one, which I m a sucker for.

    23. A very good first book by a new, to me, author James Newman grabs your attention at the start and refuses to let go There a few quirks here and there, but easy to overlook Look forward to reading of his work

    24. Been a few years since I read this, but i remember it being a great coming of age horror novel in the same vein as Clegg s neverland, King s the body or McCammon s Boy s life Set in the 70 s this is a great horror mystery.

    25. Awesome book A young boy witnesses a murder and is at a loss what to do when he sees who the murderer is As he realizes nobody can help him, he desperately tries to find a way to make things right.Definitely a page turner

    26. This is one of my favorite coming of age books Ranks right up there with McCammon s Boy s Life Very edge of your seat I rarely re read books but this is one that I ll go back to every now and then Great stuff.

    27. Excellent little coming of age tale Smooth prose, an endearing, believable voice read a lot like Boy s Life darker, little brother

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