Ramalan Kue Pengantin Dress Rehearsal Tidak ada yang lebih mengenal kue pengantin daripada Lauren Gallagher pemilik butik kue paling ngetop di Boston Lauren s Lucious Licks Bukan hanya pakar membantu para calon pengantin memilih kue imp

  • Title: Ramalan Kue Pengantin (Dress Rehearsal)
  • Author: Jennifer O'Connell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tidak ada yang lebih mengenal kue pengantin daripada Lauren Gallagher, pemilik butik kue paling ngetop di Boston, Lauren s Lucious Licks Bukan hanya pakar membantu para calon pengantin memilih kue impian mereka, Lauren juga punya kemampuan menebak masa depan hubungan dari pilihan kue.Karena itulah dia panik berat saat sahabatnya, Paige bertengkar soal kue pengantin denganTidak ada yang lebih mengenal kue pengantin daripada Lauren Gallagher, pemilik butik kue paling ngetop di Boston, Lauren s Lucious Licks Bukan hanya pakar membantu para calon pengantin memilih kue impian mereka, Lauren juga punya kemampuan menebak masa depan hubungan dari pilihan kue.Karena itulah dia panik berat saat sahabatnya, Paige bertengkar soal kue pengantin dengan calon suaminya, Steve Menurut Lauren, pasangan ini tidak bakal langgeng Demi masa depan Paige, Lauren dan sahabatnya yang lain, Robin, bersatu padu membuat pasangan ini putus.Tapi benarkah keputusan mereka memisahkan Paige dan Steve ini Kenapa hidup Paige jadi nelangsa betul Kenapa Robin malah jadi makin bossy Sementara itu, kenapa hidup pribadi Lauren juga berantakan Lauren tidak bisa memilih antara mantan pacarnya, Neil, yang menyukai kue raspberry cokelat yang juga dia sukai artinya mereka berjodoh , dan Charlie, pacarnya yang sekarang, yang santai, ganteng, tapi menolak memilih kue favoritnya.

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      289 Jennifer O'Connell
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    1. Jennifer O'Connell

      Published teen fiction under the name Jenny O Connell.Although she s written about a reality dating show, a prescient pastry chef, and a woman who inspired an 80 s rock hit, Jennifer has not spent hours dissecting The Bachelor, she can barely follow the directions on the back of a Betty Crocker box, and she can only dream of a long haired, guitar thrashing rocker even giving her a second glance.While she cringes at the thought of being called Jenny again after all these years, her first teen book PLAN B, was published under Jenny O Connell by MTV Books March 2006 Jenny s second teen book, THE BOOK OF LUKE, arrived in April 2007, and her Martha s Vineyard Novels, LOCAL GIRLS and RICH BOYS, were published in June 2008.Her days as a high school senior may be long behind her, but Jennifer did receive her B.A from Smith College and her M.B.A from the University of Chicago.You can e mail Jennifer at jennifer jenniferoconnell.

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    1. i liked this book lots kinda dragged for me in the beginning but after i got into it, it pulled me right in the characters are great and i love lauren and her friendship with her best friends all in all, a good read.

    2. Judul Ramalan kue pengantinPenulis Jennifer O ConnellPenerbit GramediaDimensi 472 hlm, 18 cm, cetakan I februari 2007ISBN 978 979 22 2668 3Dari sebuah pilihan kue pengantin, Laureen pemilik butik kue paling top di Boston mampi menebak masa depan hubungan pasangan tersebut Saat ia melayani sahabatnya, Paige dan Steve bertengkar soal kue pengantin mereka, Laureen melihat masa depan mereka akan gagal.Tak mau mengulangi kesalahan dahulu, saat ia diam saja melihat pilihan kue sahabatnya yang lain, Ro [...]

    3. Even though I hated this authors last book BACHELORETTE 1 I took both of these books out at the same time and wasted another week and read this one too Not as bad as her other book, but at least I didn t come out of this book wanting to kill myself Protag is a wedding cake boutique owner and for some reason like never makes cakes any and has all the time in the world to run around and hang out with her friends and try to make old boyfriends who are now getting married try to fall back in love wi [...]

    4. Ein Frauenroman, der mal wieder absolut meinen Geschmack getroffen hat Die Geschichte um Lauren, die aus eigener Leidenschaft zum Kreieren von Hochzeitstorten ihr selbst ndiges Konditor L dchen er ffnet hat und diesen mit gro en Erfolg f hrt, ist einfach toll.Von Anfang an gefiel mir die Idee von einer Tortenboutique, was auch dazu f hrte, dass man w hrend des Lesens Apettit auf ein leckeres Tortenst ck bekam und ebenso gro e Lust versp rte ich, dieses L dchen selbst zu besuchen und mich dort um [...]

    5. Okay so the fact that this book has the Boston I know and love all through it added to the fact that it is and O Connell book I was sold The first mention on Filene s Basement and the running of the brides, I was in love And the Red Sox mention put me of the edge This book was everything I really expected to be It was real and true and exactly what every 30 something single woman feels Lauren was the quintessential successful 32 year old She had her own super successful business, great friends, [...]

    6. A cute little read With only 250 pages, this book was one of the shortest I have read in a while I was absolutely bummed when I turned the last page I didn t feel like the story was complete when it ended I would have loved another 20 pages to make me feel like I was leaving the characters in a good spot I don t always feel this way I just wanted to make sure these three ladies were completely happy when I left them I have read a lot recently where the characters took turns telling their part of [...]

    7. Bought it at a book sale and it is a fast reading although I didn t read it fast enough I only read it before bedtime good old chicklit What I love from this book is the description of the wedding cake It sounds delicious I don t think here in Indonesia we have wedding cake which looks like and tastes like the wedding cake Lauren Luscious Licks made Almond cake with raspberry filling and white chocolate ganache Slluuurp Okay enough with the cake.The story is about a girl named Lauren Gallagher w [...]

    8. Lauren is the Vera Wang of wedding cake designers She owns a hip boutique and has a knack for determining a couples potential for staying together based on the cake that they choose reminds me of the moie the wedding planner Enter ex boyfriend Neil He and his fiance show up at her boutique and he chooses the cake that Lauren has already determined will be her cake Did she make a mistake eight years ago when she sent Neil packing Ahe is currently dating Charlie who she has so much in common with [...]

    9. The Plot Lauren punya wedding cake shop yg terkenal bangetDia kira dia bisa menebak hasil akhir pernikahan happily ever after or divorce hanya dengan melihat pasangan memilih wedding cake merekatika salah satu best friendnya, Paige mau married, dia best friendnya yg satu lagi, Robin bertekad akan menggagalkan pernikahan Paige.Why karena Lauren sudah menebak bahwa pernikahan Paige n tunangannya, Steve akan berantakkan dr cara mereka memilih kue.Tapi tungguRobin kan anti cowo setelah pernikahannya [...]

    10. What really drew me to this book, is the fact that the author goes into such deep description about wedding cakes, that I found my mouth watering at every page It made me want to ask cake designers if some of these flavors are actually available and I ve gone so far as to do that, since I am currently in wedding planning mode Some of the chapters are over enhanced with lots of cliche analogies, and the situations that the main character finds herself in tend to leave you with a duh response Howe [...]

    11. Lauren s Lucious Licks benar benar membantu para calon pengantin dalam memilih kue pengantin mereka Para calon pengantin itu bisa memilih kue yang sesuai dengan keinginan mereka plus dengan detail detail unik dan aneh pilihan mereka Lauren Gallagher, pemilik butik kue yang paling ngetop di Boston itu, siap membantu mewujudkan mimpi mereka.Konon, Lauren bisa meramal masa depan dari hubungan calon pengantin dari kue yang mereka pesan Udah lama gak baca chicklit, ternyata buku ini asyik juga Meskip [...]

    12. Pretty quick, easy, non deep book I started out liking this book in the beginning and then towards the end I found myself disappointed the ending of the book was left open to where it didn t feel like the book ended at all like it was missing several chapters or something But overall it was a good read and enjoyable with funny parts It s about Lauren and a cake boutique that specializes on wedding cakes Lauren can tell based on how the couple picks out a cake whether they are meant to be or wil [...]

    13. This book was mediocre at best The premise of wedding cake analysis prediction seemed like an excuse to have a nontraditional career for the main character and therefore an interesting book That career was completely unbelievable, and that undermined the entire idea of the book and the main character It wasn t a horrible book it just seemed like a version of someone s daydream that had to be fleshed out with action in order to fill a book.

    14. Beberapa orang memimpikan sukses.mentara lain yang terjaga dan bekerja keras untuk ituLauren Gallagher mengajarkan satu halPHK bukan akhir segalanyakarena ia dipecat dari perusahaan tempatnya bekerja ia bisa menjadi pengusaha sukses kue pengantin terkenal di Boston CityVera Wang nya kue pengantin Lauren s Luscious Licks Nikmatnya jadi enterpreneurdan repotnya jadi calon pengantin

    15. I was ready for a fluff book that didn t require much thinking on my part and this fit the bill perfectly It was an OK book, not one I d recommend to all my best friends I hated the characters Robin and Maria, they were so severe, severe than I thought they should have been Unlike some other reviewers I sort of liked that not everything ended with a perfect happily ever after because life doesn t always work that way.

    16. A wedding cake boutique owner who s about to learn that in love and life there is no such thing as a dress rehearsal Lauren Gallagher is a pro at helping the brides and grooms of tomorrow pick out the perfect Big Day Dessert Her Bakery is THE place to get your wedding cake in Boston Her own love life is another matter Such a fun book Really enjoyed this author Really sassy.

    17. I read this book in about a week between calls at work It was a very fast read I loved it Jennifer never writes a bad book This one is about a woman who makes wedding cakes for a living and believes she has the ability to predict of a couple will make it or not based solely on what kind of cake they pick Interesting stuff It s a hilarious one.

    18. So last week, during a very snow stormy day that was filled with canceled classes, and general bad weather blahs, I picked this up I absolutely loved it I am a sucker for both good chick lit, and books with cakes as a theme sso found this a wonderful gem of a book.See where this book travels next, at bookcrossing journal 5

    19. A fun chick lit book.3 college friends living in Boston, their careers, their boyfriends, etc.Love the Boston locale.One is owner of Lauren s Luscious Licks, a designer wedding cake shop.Fun.

    20. I read this book a few years ago The main memory I have is that the main character is so selfish and whiny that I wanted to scream I made myself finish it, but each page was a chore because of the spoiled main character.

    21. Every women want commitment like mariage who doesn t Lauren s luscious lick tries to make their own dream abut wedding become true But it is different with its owner Lauren has to choose between her ex or her lover who don t want any commitment.

    22. A good weekend read Not too sappy, not too emotional but just enough love and emotion to keep you interested I would have preferred a bit different ending, something a little definitive The end left you asking yourself, Okay, so specifically what happened next

    23. While this is not my favorite of O Connell s books, I enjoyed it none the less I questioned the motives of the main character throughout a good part of the book, but she redeemed herself in the end Quick and easy read, slightly predictable, but a fun read anyhow.

    24. It s not the book s fault that I m tired of reading about the petty, mean, self indulgent antics of characters There weren t any glaring grammatical errors In fact, I think the book s well written, but that was obscured by my disappointment in the actions of the characters.

    25. Good book I loved reading about Boston and all the places that i know I think I enjoyed the middle of the book than the end and I am not loving it enough that I want to read all of O Connell s books, but I will definitely at least look into the others

    26. A girly book that is perfect for a by the pool read I actually really loved the ending and the overall thrust of its moral Note This will make you hungry for butter cream and all other good sugary things

    27. Stupid fun An easy read with likable, reasonably plausible characters, a predictable but decent plot, and a lot of great cake The local color for Boston was also a nice touch.

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