Girl Undone TJ and Lisa are hired by a woman whose niece disappears under mysterious circumstances TJ finds the girl after three days unharmed Or was she Bodies start turning up around a local crime blogger as h

  • Title: Girl Undone
  • Author: Marla Madison
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • TJ and Lisa are hired by a woman whose niece disappears under mysterious circumstances TJ finds the girl after three days, unharmed Or was she Bodies start turning up around a local crime blogger as he receives mysterious emails hinting at a serial killer in progress Will the blogger be the next victim TJ suspects a tie to the other case and delves into the backgroundTJ and Lisa are hired by a woman whose niece disappears under mysterious circumstances TJ finds the girl after three days, unharmed Or was she Bodies start turning up around a local crime blogger as he receives mysterious emails hinting at a serial killer in progress Will the blogger be the next victim TJ suspects a tie to the other case and delves into the background of the woman who was abducted, searching for answers before a killer strikes again Buy your copy of this exciting suspense thriller today, with twists and turns you won t see coming

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    About "Marla Madison"

    1. Marla Madison

      Marla Madison currently works part time doing arbitration for the the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Hard at work now as an author, she is writing her sixth novel of suspense Her first series, the TJ Peacock Lisa Rayburn suspense series, has three editions out, the third, Girl Undone, has just been released Marla is currently working on the third novel in her second suspense series which spotlights Detective Kendall Halsrud.At home in Northwestern Wisconsin, Marla lives on Prairie Lake with her significant other, Terry, a beloved shelter dog, Skygge, and Poncho, an opinionated feline from the same shelter who believes he is the boss of everything.Some of her favorite things are playing duplicate and tournament bridge, golf, reading, pontooning, and taking long walks with her dog.

    437 thoughts on “Girl Undone”

    1. I knew I should have stopped reading in the beginning when one of the characters, a psychiatrist, implied that all children who were spanked became spousal abusers It only got worse from there The characters were poorly constructed I didn t need two or three descriptions of someone s outfit Once was enough, thank you There were places where the wrong name was used when referring to characters Sentences either repeated words or simply omitted them I m starting to wonder if Editors even exist any [...]

    2. 2.5 stars This story was a mess of discombobulated weird events.I have not read the other books but I have a feeling I would be very disappointed if I had read the previous 2 and got to this one to find out it was of a continuation of events that should have been resolved closed on the previous book, and the end had a cliff hanger that leads to a conclusion that the crime was still not resolved.I felt like the writer did not know where to focus on TJ was hired to find out what happened to Rina [...]

    3. I really wanted to like this book The plot started off decently, but I quickly found myself struggling to keep up with the multitude of characters introduced None of the characters were likeable either The author s style of writing was frustrating, in addition to the various grammatical and formatting errors I guess there s a reason it was free on bookbub I also didn t see the point in the main character dropping the g s on her words, especially when 1 None of the other characters spoke like tha [...]

    4. This was a good, fun book There were several plots twisted around each other, and when one was done, it didn t conclude the others I would have given the book of fourth jar, but the format was pathetic Another proof reading would have added immensely Tenses and misuse of pronouns was the least of it When it gets used for if , it changes the entire meaning I am known to be picky about my grammar, but I don t think that was the problem entirely Work on punctuation, spelling, usage, and grammar in [...]

    5. Story was hard to follow very convoluted A lot of different characters introduced in the very beginning which made it hard to keep them straight Harder still when the author sometimes referred to a character by first name sometimes by last name There were gaps in the story Often I would be starting a new chapter and feel lost like I had missed something I finished the book still not sure how everything related Only finished this one for the sake of finishing.

    6. Girl Undone by Marla MadisonI received this book for free because of a giveaway on Facebook This book was well written and keeps you turning pages from beginning to end The ending made me feel that maybe they shouldn t have ended the book when they did But yet when you read the book and think about it it was the perfect ending

    7. The story had my attention but TJ s slang accent made me want to put the book down I would say I looked forward to reading from this series but I don t think I can get past that I might have to check out other books by the author though

    8. Fast readFirst book of the series that I have read, but it was ok as a stand alone work The characters are believable and I finished the book wanting to know what happened to them next.

    9. Too many characters Not very good writing I ve read 2 of her books, probably won t read any Luckily, these were free kindle books from BookBub.

    10. TJ PeacockI have really enjoyed all three books There must be a 4th on the horizon through I have to found out who headliner is.

    11. Highly recommend this series.I can t wait to read books by this author Marla Madison is an amazing author I m glad that I gave this author a try I truly love her books.

    12. Best yetI so enjoyed this, I read it in record time because I just love TJ and Lisa as characters and ended up liking characters that I did previously.

    13. I really enjoyed the bookThis was fast paced and good characters I would read books by this writer excited for next book to dowmload

    14. IrritatingI have made a New Years Resolution not to read any free books written by american women, they are invariable poor with ridiculous plots and unbelievable characters

    15. Why only 3 stars The story and characters were very good, it kept me turning the pages I give it 3 stars for the typos, misspellings and formatting errors , that did distract me from the story.

    16. Good readGreat read and I always enjoy TH and her friends I can t wait for the next book I will be in the look out for it.

    17. Reading this book was very pleasantBart is a blogger with no friends until he stumbled over a body on his property He then found friends and changed his life as he searched for the killer.

    18. Girl UndoneThis is book three in this series It is a very good thriller but I hated the way it ended There is no continuing book in the series It leaves you hanging not knowing if they caught the right person.

    19. Maybe it s me, but I found it hard to follow the characters that suddenly pop up, with only a tenuous link to the plot, which itself is too ambitious There are two storylines an unlikely tale of stolen embryonic eggs from a young girl s body, and the stalking of a blogger by a character who may or may not be a serial killer which then overlap towards the end of the novel Several typos, the mystery of who the girl of the title is supposed to be, and the for me irritating use of initials for the p [...]

    20. ReviewI chose this rating based on the book I would recommend this as a good to read book My only dislike is that sometimes the characters really didn t seem necessary and other s were just kind of thrown in there.

    21. Really a great read The only disappointment is there is not a book four yet I hope the author will go forward with the series.

    22. Pretty decent readWish I had paid attention and read the first two first, but it did well as a standalone even without that background familiarity.

    23. Good readThis murder mystery kept me guessing to the very end, and just when it seemed they had it all figured out, it ended with a surprise twist that made me want to read the next one At times keeping the characters all straight was a challenge, but the main ones were easy Good, page turner

    24. Private investigator, TJ Peacock stumbles upon a drugged young woman at a local mall TJ recognizes the victim as the niece of Rina Petretti a woman supposedly tied to organized crime When Rina asks TJ to piece together her niece s ordeal, TJ enlists the help of her friend and psychologist Lisa.I had some difficulty getting through this book The typos and missing words were distracting for one The dialogue sounded fake to me particularly where the author suddenly had TJ dropping letters off the e [...]

    25. Just okayNot a fan of TJ she is just annoying Lisa wax a much sympathetic character The mystery was okay, but the end solution seemed abrupt I will admit the last page made me consider reading the next installment.

    26. This is what a really good suspense novel should be like this thought came to my mind when I was in the middle of the book still puzzled and guessing One moment Marla Madison makes you think that you got it, you figured it out and right after it you sit dumbfounded, who could ever think that it may turn this way These are precious feelings which make a crime story worth reading The main characters of this novel TJ Peacock, a private investigator, and Lisa Rayburn, a psychologist try to catch a s [...]

    27. I had the pleasure of reading Girl Undone as an early eArc and as always, Ms Madison has created a story of deceit filled with twists and turns that you can t predict Just when you think you have it all figured out the game changes, and the characters are faced with a new situation to work through TJ and Lisa work together very smoothly to find out why Kelsey was found drugged and reeling from whatever events had occurred the previous 72 hours.When the local crime blogger, who already has a dist [...]

    28. Girl undoneFast paced Lots of action, Good suspense If you like this kind of book, you ll love this one Enjoyable read.

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