Broken Pieces Can three broken pieces make a whole Josiah Evans is the orphan who lost both his parents He s sweet shy and all heart He wants nothing than to be loved Mateo Sanchez is the son of a gang leader He

  • Title: Broken Pieces
  • Author: Riley Hart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Can three broken pieces make a whole Josiah Evans is the orphan who lost both his parents He s sweet, shy, and all heart He wants nothing than to be loved.Mateo Sanchez is the son of a gang leader He s seen it all, and never hesitates to do what needs to be done, no matter what it is.Tristan Croft is the wealthy attorney who clawed his way up from the bottom to rulCan three broken pieces make a whole Josiah Evans is the orphan who lost both his parents He s sweet, shy, and all heart He wants nothing than to be loved.Mateo Sanchez is the son of a gang leader He s seen it all, and never hesitates to do what needs to be done, no matter what it is.Tristan Croft is the wealthy attorney who clawed his way up from the bottom to rule his own world He ll never depend on anyone but himself again.Three men who couldn t be different and yet, as their lives intersect they find an uncommon balance that calms the storms inside each of them, and ignites fires hotter than they ever thought imaginable.Told in three parts and spanning over ten years, BROKEN PIECES is a journey of healing for three fragmented souls, finding love in the unlikeliest of places with each other.

    Broken Pieces YouTube Broken Pieces TV Series Dec , With Erkan Petekkaya, Ebru zkan, Nursel Kse, Alina Boz At a hospital a nurse switches two daughters at birth because their last names are similar Rich family gets the poor girl and the poor family gets the rich After years, the truth is revealed. Broken Pieces Kindle edition by Hart, Riley Literature Broken pieces spans over ten years The book is broken down into three parts Josiah and Mateo, Josiah and Tristan, and Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan I loved how readers get to experience all of this through the eyes of each of these vastly different men Readers first meet Josiah and Mateo as teens living in a foster home. Broken Pieces by Rachel Thompson Dec , Broken Pieces is a work of non fiction Poetry, prose, and essays to let you into one woman s life a searingly raw examination of topics most people avoid Already a best seller on eBooks on Women s Poetry and Abuse, this book is recommended for Broken Pieces by Kathleen Long Broken Pieces takes place in a fictional small, New Jersey town along the Delaware River Paris is the name of the town. Broken Pieces Paramparca Tv Series Turkish Drama Dec , In broken pieces paramparca tv series story, you will explore the family relations between parents and children How will Gulseren and Dilara react when they learn that they are not the biological parents of their daughters whom they have raised for years How will Cansu react when she learns that her true mother is a poor woman

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    1. 5 AHHHHHHHMAZING Stars Three broken pieces.Josiah EvansMateo SanchezTristan CroftPart One begins the story of Josiah and Mateo Josiah and Mateo have both had a hard life They are 16 and 17 and living with a foster family together They become friends and over time lovers as well Josiah is soft, whereas Mateo is hard.At 18, Mateo is considered a street thug and eventually kicked out Josiah chooses to go with him and runs away from the foster family Mateo doesn t want for Josiah to live on the stre [...]

    2. Un fucking believably AMAZING I have sat here, trying to write my review for Broken Pieces and I know my words will never do it justice, I want everyone to read it but I could never convey in just a few words how immensely powerful this book is and just how much it moved me How I was so connected to the characters I couldn t part with my Kindle not for a moment did it leave my hands and I was compelled to absorb as much of Josiah, Mateo and Tristan and their story as possible I lived through the [...]

    3. 2 stars Review completed February 26, 2014I need to find that hype gene.Yes, I did enjoy hyped books in the past but often than not I feel odd for not liking them I would love to say instead I end up like this highly consternated It sucks Adding a book to my TBR pile is like playing the lottery.Reading is a subjective experience Even though we ve read the same book, it happens all the time that we have a different reading experience That s the reason why we re here on GR to share our different [...]

    4. 4.5 WHO NEEDS SLEEP STARSThis was hands down the most believable menage as long term relationship book I ve read, and it s going on my Unforgettable shelf Josiah, Mateo, and Tristan complete each other Their relationship is like a game of chess, all pieces required to play, the queen nothing without the others Told in three parts, the book follows Josiah as he meets Mateo in a New York foster home, then five years later as he meets Tristan while feeding birds on a wharf in San Francisco, and fin [...]

    5. 4.8 Broken Yet Whole Stars Continuing on after this point, will result in major SPOILERSPART ONE Josiah and Mateo.There was something so fucking innocent about him And Mateo wanted that.Wanted to protect it.Broken Pieces begins with Josiah, a sixteen year old orphan, living in a foster home His quiet, vulnerable and keeps to himself.r getting close to anyone Until he meets Mateo, who also joins the same foster family Mateo is the opposite of Josiah His strong, dangerous and the son of a gang lea [...]

    6. UPDATED Feb 7, 2014 For those like me, especially since Josiah and Mateo were so young at the beginning of the book having trouble putting faces to these three boys, head over to Jess i ca s fabulous review to see who she envisioned I think she nailed it There was a lot of happy hoopla going on with my GoodRead friends for this book when it was first released in February 2014 and that had me excited and convinced me to read this right away That and the gorgeous cover photo Most said it was fille [...]

    7. Written February 8, 20144 1 2 Stars stunning romantic I cried, enjoyed and loved these men and their story For me isBroken Pieces an epic , very emotional and from time to time, heartbreaking sad novel It s a story about a long, and sometimes hard, journey of healing for three fragmented souls We are told a great LOVE story about three men in the start boys over a period of ten years.This book has maybe been this weeks M M hype Rightly so, I think That hype is this romance so very worth in my op [...]

    8. 5 It Blew Me Away Stars Broken Pieces is the story of Josiah Evans , Mateo Sanchez and Tristan Croft We re introduced to each character within three different parts I honestly cannot believe this is only Riley Hart s second book It was so much emotional than I ever expected It was a beautiful journey of self discovery, of second chances, of friendship and love Part One Josiah and MateoJosiah Jay and Mateo Teo met as foster siblings, Jay after the death of his parents and Teo after his father is [...]

    9. WARNING UNASHAMED GUSH ALERT I m sat here trying my hardest to come up with something clever and sophisticated to show just how much this story affected me and do it justice, and all I can come up with is OMG This totally blew me away Yeah, very sophisticated But that s exactly what it did to me and I can see that phrase coming up in many reviews because if it gets to everyone who reads it, the way it got through to me, there s going to be lots OMG s, Awesome s, Amazing s and Blown Away s on t [...]

    10. 5 Broken and Put Together Stars Broken Pieces is one of those emotional and angsty books that grabs ahold of your heart strings from the start, never lets go In a lot of ways, the book is than one story of three broken pieces that, in the end, make it whole So, because of the way the book is broken down into three parts, I will too break my review down in similar fashionJosiah Broken Pieces starts out when Josiah was just 16 years old He s living with foster parents after losing both his parent [...]

    11. I know I m late to the party on this one, but when this book was released, I was equal parts excited and nervous You see, M M M doesn t always work for me I think I can count in one hand how many I ve read so over time this book got lost in the black hole that is my TBR list I finally decided to read, and I m so glad that I did.This book is broken down into three different sections Josiah and Mateo Josiah and Tristan Tristan, Josiah, and MateoIn part one, we are introduced to Josiah and Mateo, t [...]

    12. Gosh, what to write about this book It was totally different than I expected, but I absolutely loved it What a great story.Three men, all broken in their own unique way, coming together for a perfect fit Josiah was awesome He was vulnerable and just an all around nice guy But the best part about him is that, even if it made him uncomfortable, he would take chances and make moves to get what he truly wanted He didn t need material items to make him happy and he gave himself, 100% heart and soul, [...]

    13. 5 Break My Heart and Put It Back Together Stars Run and get this book Do not pass Go Do not collect 200 Just drop whatever you re doing and read this NOW.Review to follow after I come down from this phenomenal book high UPDATE 3 6 2014Ok, there s no way I could write a review of this book that would do it ANYjustice So I m just going to get to the point and say what needs to be said

    14. Ugh, I can t believe there s going to be another book I am the outlier for this I did not enjoy it Josiah is a giant woobie They re all woobies I am a crier by nature, but my heartstrings were not jerked once Additionally, I don t like the whole you re not healed and whole until you are the receiving partner in penetrative sex trope, which this belabored ceaselessly, to the very end In no way is this poorly written its appeal just missed me Not my book.

    15. Its hard for me to put into words how much I loved this book What depiction of characters I could see the 3 main characters in front of me A wonderful story, that had me reeled in until I just HAD TO finish it PI have no complaints with the writing or grammar or anything there could be A perfect read from one of my favorite authors And this makes me a very happy person D

    16. Edit Dec 5, 2016Just finished listening to the audiobook and Riley Hart and the amazing narration of Jack DuPont blew me away a second time This very unique menage is truly unforgettable I m just blown away That Was Unbelievable Can you lose touch with reality while reading a book Can you even forget to eat and to drink and can you stay up half of the night because you just can t put the book down Broken Pieces is one of those unique books.It s told in three parts and spans ten years in the live [...]

    17. I m not sure about my luck lately with picking up sad books Situations are sad Protags are sad Reader is sad This story a good foundation for their relationship and I while liked the history between Josiah and Mateo and later Tristan is all kinds of depressing Even when things are going well I was on edge waiting for the hammer to fall Maybe that s why I couldn t really sink into this oneI was too tense.I will say that the menage really works here Broken pieces that are definitely stronger toget [...]

    18. I love m nagestories, they are my absolute favorite kind of story to read So I gobble up all the ones I find, but I can say I have never read one that was quite like this one.There are books that somehow just stay with you, at least that s how it is for me, the first book I remember really leaving an impression on me, even now, decades later was Where the Red Fern Grows, there have been a few over the years like Ravages and now this one, Broken Pieces.I can t always remember the whole story, bu [...]

    19. 3 Sad, but really hot Stars Ahhh I absolutely hate when I end up not completely loving a book others really seem too But unfortunately it happens And in this case, I ended up not loving this book as others did But I did end up somewhat liking it.This story starts off with a sixteen year old Josiah Evans, and a seventeen year old Mateo Sanchez Both of them are in foster care and end up in the same home They both are completely different, but share a common bond of loss They also share the fact th [...]

    20. 5 Appropriately Named StarsWow I am not even sure where to start, so I will start at the beginning We might be broken in so many ways, but together, we re whole Mateo and Josiah meet when they are placed in the same foster care house Josiah is innocent and a people pleaser Mateo is from a gang and is only trying to survive Despite being so different Josiah and Mateo become friends, and eventually lovers Mateo is forced to leave the house due to some bad decisions and Josiah decides to go with hi [...]

    21. Review by The Blogger Girls.There are so many things I loved about this fabulous story It is told in parts, over a long period of time, and each chapter is told from a different character perspective, which ended up being one of the things I loved about it.In Part I, Josiah and Mateo meet as foster siblings in their teens Their unlikely friendship grows and eventually turns into Each of them has issues, but we get to see them grow as they naturally gravitate towards one another becoming the one [...]

    22. I ve been delaying this book I knew that it would be emotional, I thought that I would cry and feel devastated So when I decided with some friends to buddy read this book, I was prepared But to be honest, I didn t drop one single tear This is the story of three men Josiah, Mateo and Tristan Each one of them has a very sad and dark past The book is divided in three parts, and we can read different POV s from the three MC s, wich is very interesting, so we can follow what goes in their minds My fa [...]

    23. Glass sees cover Oh Glass clicks on the book link Her heart starts beating really fast Oooohhhh Glass reads book summary Returns after cold shower Takes a deep breath OH MY OVARIES I AM SO GOING TO READ THIS

    24. Buddy Read April 7 8 with the gorgeous girls here WARNING SPOILER ALERT and rant alert Sooo, I guess I m one of the few who does not swoon over this book big sigh This was both a good and bad read for me 3 stars was all I could rate it Why Read on.It got that many stars, because I really, really liked part one with Josiah and Mateo It was a beautiful story about two lonely boys young men who connected sharing a room in a foster home, and found that they filled each others loneliness The careful [...]

    25. 3 Could Have Been Sooo Good Stars Emotions don t play by rules That s what makes them so incredible And these are my emotions while reading this bookYeap, this deflating balloon explains my emotions perfectly They started strong and then went on to slowly fade to non existence PART 1 MATEO JOSIAH This was the part of the book I was invested in We meet a 17 year old Mateo and a 16 year old Josiah recently placed in a new foster home An actually decent one, with two people who care about their we [...]

    26. BR HERE Maybe most things, the important things, don t really have to make sense Maybe they just are 3 Souls broken in so many ways.Bits and pieces of their life that they kept locked so far inside of their souls untiley found each other Mateo and Tristan both have pieces of Josiah that the other doesn t Perfection Josiah Evans Sweet, pure.Mateo Sanchez ProtectiveTristan Croft Commanding The story is unique, build in a timeline that captures you to each part of their lives, each one suffered fro [...]

    27. 2.5 Disappointing StarsMy reaction to Part One Then Parts Two and Three happened The story started off so strong and I was loving me some Teo The way he and Josiah met and the relationship they had was amazing, I loved reading about it and seeing how they grew from that relationship I was excited to be reading the book and really interested in where Tristan came in Welpen Tristan came, you know, years later after Josiah decided to be a little bitch yep I went there I started to hate Josiah in th [...]

    28. 2.5 stars I took some time to think about this one, because I was so disappointed when I finished reading it, that I would have rated it even lower than 2.5 stars.The fact is that I had really high hopes for this one, and I know this isn t the first time I say something like this, but when I have high expectations, I usually get disappointed.It wasn t my first m nage book, but I was really excited to read it.This book has so many 5 star reviews, so you should give it a try nonetheless and you ma [...]

    29. Oh, umat was different Well that was sad Oh my, was that ever sad It wasn t so much filled with angst or dark really it was just sad Everyone was so sad Even when they were happy they were sad I am sad that they were sad and pretty sad that the sad was all I can think about I read this in a fog but I couldn t stop reading so I am not sure what that says if it says anything at all So for my first official m nage book this wasn t bad It was actually believable how the three men would eventually co [...]

    30. 4 sTaRs Well It Wasn t What I Expected for some reason I thought it was going to be WHAM, BAM, TAKE THAT MAN type of book with no substance just SEXbut I was so wrong.I actuallyreally enjoyed it, I think it was because it was a slow building story, a beautifully damaged soul searching story.I loved the connection between Josiah and Mateo, then Josiah and Tristanen ultimately the three of them together.Yes they were three completely different types of guys, who couldn t be different and yet, as [...]

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