The Dastardly Duke Julian LeFevre Duke of Claridge found being a reformed rake terribly dull So he wagered a friend that he could make any pretty trollop in London pass for a lady of the ton But when his friend presen

  • Title: The Dastardly Duke
  • Author: Eileen Putman
  • ISBN: 2940148463054
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Nook
  • Julian LeFevre, Duke of Claridge, found being a reformed rake terribly dull So he wagered a friend that he could make any pretty trollop in London pass for a lady of the ton But when his friend presented him with Miss Hannah Gregory, Julian felt a stirring of doubtd desire Indeed, far from the typical light skirt, Hannah had a ready wit, a wicked tongue and the mosJulian LeFevre, Duke of Claridge, found being a reformed rake terribly dull So he wagered a friend that he could make any pretty trollop in London pass for a lady of the ton But when his friend presented him with Miss Hannah Gregory, Julian felt a stirring of doubtd desire Indeed, far from the typical light skirt, Hannah had a ready wit, a wicked tongue and the most wondrous gray eyes And although she concealed her real past, she couldn t disguise her unbending pride or her attraction to the scoundrel who offered a small fortune to transform her into the season s newest Original The charade could break her heartif Hannah forgets that this is merely a masquerade.

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      Eileen Putman s love for England s Regency period has inspired her research trips to Britain, France and other European countries there being no substitute for stepping on the very soil that Beau Brummell and his champagne polished Hessians trod in such incomparable style.About the League of Rogues series King of Hearts is the launch of my new League of Rogues series, longer British historicals featuring a daring group of rogues who worked clandestinely for England during the Napoleonic Wars Hardened and deadly, they have no use for love until it ensnares them Andrew Maitland is their leader, and you ll hear about him in Heart of a Duke, out in 2018 About the Love in Disguise series In these tales of Regency intrigue, nothing is as it seems A street wench masquerades as a debutante to fulfill a rake s wager an actress pretends to be a vengeful lord s mistress to catch a killer A noble war hero disguises himself as a much older man to woo an on the shelf spinster An independent widow forces her disapproving business partner to pretend to be her fianc and teach her about passion.All are daring masquerades, with love as the prize.The books The Perfect BrideThe Dastardly DukeA Passionate PerformanceReforming Harriet

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    1. I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review The Dastardly Duke by Eileen Putman is the story of Hannah Gregory and Julian LeFevre, Duke of Claridge I truly loved this book I could not put this book down This was a really good emotional book that I easily became a part of I am now looking for of Ms Putman s book Hannah has been deaf since she was 17 after falling from a tree Hannah had been staying at her Aunt and Uncle s house after the death of her fa [...]

    2. Aren t all dukes dastardly I kind of thought it was part of the job description This one was quite fun Julian LeFevre is of course the pre requisite womanising rake who has sort of attempted to become respectable, something he finds super boring His closest friend desperately desires to marry Julian s sister although she kind of keeps laughing at him, assuming he s joking because they are friends Julian decides to make a wager he s so supremely confident of his ducal privilege that he thinks he [...]

    3. Wagered love My attention was captured and ensured right from the first line in the short prologue little gems from Julian LeFevre, Duke of Claridge as he considered his lot, A reformed rake led a miserable existence This hair shirt he had am fully donned only left him itching to be rid of it And rid himself he does with flair and subterfuge as he confronted his truth through the bottom of a brandy glass, He was a bastard at heart Despite the fact that I ve read variations on this plot before I [...]

    4. I got this ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review The Dastardly Duke was written by Eileen Putman and is the 2nd novel in the Love in Disguise series Actually this isn t a new novel at all, it s from 1997 and this is how it feel The style is different It s lacking of erotic in my personal opinion Julian LeFevre, the Duke of Claridge, wagers with his best friend Charles that he can sell a whore, a nothing to the Ton being a lady If he doesn t succeed, he d allow his best friend to ge [...]

    5. I guess the author is American because we didn t have lynx and bobcats in British woodland in the Regency period Neither did we eat biscuits for breakfast I recommend Ms Putnam reads Susanne Alleyn Medieval Underpants and Other Blunders to remind her that a little fact checking is better than making assumptions OK that s got that out of the way That apart, the rest of it works well The book is fun The Duke of Claridge takes a bet and must take a street wench and turn her into a society lady Yes, [...]

    6. Review in English at the bottom Ich habe dieses Buch ausgesprochen gerne gelesen, auch wenn manchmal einige Dinge nicht ganz stimmig waren Dennoch habe ich dieses Buch geradezu verschlungen und das Buch nur h chst ungerne aus der Hand gelegt.Die Geschichte selbst ist gut entwickelt und wartet mit gut entwickelten, starken Charakteren auf, die man als Leser gerne begleitet Der Schreibstil ist fl ssig und fesselnd, so dass man schnell in die Handlung hineingezogen wird Es erinnert von der Handlung [...]

    7. Julian is bored He s trying to reform after being a rake but it s hard insert whine On his deathbed, Julian s father inferred that Julian was bastard born and now Julian is trying to find proof His friend Charles tries to tell him that it doesn t matter and that he acts and dresses like a duke so just be a duke Julian scoffs because he thinks that anyone can put one over on the ladies of Almack s but deep down he just doesn t know what to think about his birth Charles suggests a bet Charles will [...]

    8. An interesting read, with flawed characters, witty dialog, passion, secrets and emotionally charged characters A Regency Romance with a twist A unique tale, where the hero, bets he can take a questionable light skirt and make the Ton believe she is a lady, yes, this has written about before, but this tale has a few twists First off, it was a bit flawed to start with, just because she was in a hospital for such ladies She is not a biddable or easily lead, to say the least, she is arrogant, straig [...]

    9. A wonderful story that started of a bet, between friends one who has grown bored with his life and one who is in love with the sister of his best friend they place a bet concerning the Duke s being able to make a silk purse out of a sow s ear The person they bet upon is Hannah a woman they rescue from a hospital where demented women and whores usually end up Hannah is assumed to be a whore at least by our hero but is she Hannah is deaf, from a fall from a tree when she was 17, so she can speak p [...]

    10. The word, dastardly, conjures up pictures of a mustached villain tying the heroine to the railroad tracks, or a gothic setting The Dastardly Duke has neither of these, but does have a wicked the actual definition of dastardly duke Julian LeFevre is a hard man to like especially for the first three quarters of the book He is very arrogant demanding he gets he is own way However, he must have some redeeming qualities, after all his sister, Lucy and best friend, Charles seem to like him His flat ou [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book I felt the characters were charming and had personality than some in the previous Regency novels I ve read I did find it interesting that a woman taken from such a low caste in society would have needed so little formal training at the hands of her employer and that her knowledge had not been questioned But then, that would have ruined an otherwise interesting take on the play Pygmalion Overall, it was a fun romp through romance that tied up all loose ends quite tidily I rec [...]

    12. I received this book in exchange for my honest review I can t wait to go back and read the 1st book of this collection I know that you will enjoy reading about Hannah and Julian Julian makes a bet with a friend to help liven up his bored life Hannah is the percipient of his bet She will be able to seek medical treatment for a long ago accident that caused her to become deaf Can she keep her real past concealed Will Julian make Hannah able to muster in the society s elite

    13. Julian LeFevre, Duke of Claridge is troubled by the past, when a bet has him trying to make deaf Hannah Gregory into a lady the Ton will accept ,you just have to laugh as these two unlikely people work together.The book also has his sister Lucy Pembroke and Sir Charles Tremaine who he made the bet with, and Julian and Lucy s Aunt Lady Huffington and her butler Higgins I was gifted a copy for an honest review barwatts telus

    14. I received this book free in exchange for my review I think this is a great story about a young lady who due to an accident looses her hearing and her adventures It s fascinating what these poor deaf people went through to enable them to hear.

    15. You not only get one romance in this book but two A few secrets are revealed Answers to questions solved Great read and flows well It was fun getting to know the characters There is a surprise epilogue or maybe not such a big surprise

    16. Very entertaining and enjoyable if a little bit fluffy I liked all the characters and the secondary couples however this meant I wasn t as captivated or drawn in by the story I felt like an amused observer.

    17. I loved that Julian was protective, boiling oil Julian knelt over Hannah s too still form, his heart in his throat If you have harmed her I liked this book, Julian infuriated me at times but I loved how he was with Hannah and in the end I fell in love with the boy.

    18. A highly talented writer of daring originality, Ms Putman brilliantly crafts a remarkable romance featuring one of the most memorable rakes Regency fans will ever encounter Romantic Times

    19. The Dastardly DukeI really enjoyed this book It had so many different interesting story lines It all blended in together I love the ending Really excellent book

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