Road Salt There s nothing wrong with getting high or so Carol and Karla felt in this Teen Contemporary that is until Rod got high on Bath Salts Karla does not have a good relationship with her mother just lik

  • Title: Road Salt
  • Author: LindaNelson
  • ISBN: 1480157163
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s nothing wrong with getting high, or so Carol and Karla felt in this Teen Contemporary, that is until Rod got high on Bath Salts Karla does not have a good relationship with her mother just like Carol The two teen girls quickly become friends with two new boys on the block They suggest taking a short vacation from parents and school and go on a road trip.This triThere s nothing wrong with getting high, or so Carol and Karla felt in this Teen Contemporary, that is until Rod got high on Bath Salts Karla does not have a good relationship with her mother just like Carol The two teen girls quickly become friends with two new boys on the block They suggest taking a short vacation from parents and school and go on a road trip.This trip quickly turns from being a fun time with friends and lovers to the worst time in their lives as they make their way across several states before it all falls apart The mutual feeling about getting high begins to change for both Carol and Karla when Carol s boyfriend begins using Bath Salts Their road trip goes to hell because of his usage of this new designer drug that neither of the girls have heard about.

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      Linda Nelson published her first YA romance in 2013 She is a self published author who began her writing career in 2010 as just a Fantasy YA Writer Now it is all about the romance, a huge career change that took place in the past couple of years when she discovered RWA Fantasy is her favorite genre to read and write, and her favorite way to escape the day to day life When she writes YA contemporary she loves to infuse them with conflict, the , the better Linda works a full time job by day and writes at night and on the weekends When she took the plunge into publishing, she jumped into the stream of self publishing, learning everything the hard way She is a native of Massachusetts but migrated to Southern New Hampshire later on in life.

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    1. I just finished reading the book Road Salt by Linda Nelson, I would recommend this book to ALL young readers I learned a lot about a subject I have only heard about so far which is people using Bath Salts to get high Linda makes the reader feel that they are with these four teenagers as they are experiencing this road trip and all the things that happen along the way.This is a great book which will make the reader think How well do you know your friends Do you or your friends think you need to g [...]

    2. Carol Bower wants nothing than to make amends with Karla Centon for what happened at the party Karla is suspicious of Carol sitting by her at lunch but agrees to hang out with her after school When Karla and Carol meet up with Max and Rod on the basketball court for some fun None of them expected the chain of events that would occur the following days An unplanned road trip which involves drinking, smoking weed, stealing cars, and so much Rod finds Cloud 9 knowing it gives a good high offers t [...]

    3. The continuing story of Karla Karla s dad had lost his job and her mother is always drunk so they are forced to move into a lower income neighborhood where sKarla has been befriended by local tough girl, Carol Even though Carol has made Karla s life hell, Carol feels terrible about her treatment of Karla and Karla is so lonely for a friend she accepts Carols apology and friendship Then they meet the new boys and an adventure that turns out just as horrendous as Karla s first ensues Can not wait [...]

    4. An intense look at the dangers of drug experimentation especially focusing on the legal or synthetic drug bath salts A realistic look at what the outcomes of using this drug is for young people I think this is an important read for both teens and parents as well as community leaders.

    5. I received a copy of this book from the author through Librarything Early Reviewer program for an exchange of an honest review That in no way has influenced my review This book is about drug use and the effects that drugs have on you mainly bath salts Bath salts are very big in the area I am from They are now official illegal but the damage has already been done It is very sad to see the effects that these drugs had on the kids in my area I am so glad that our government finally stepped up and d [...]

    6. This review is based on an ARC from LibraryThing.Poor Karla She s got a hard life, and nobody understands her Her friend Carol also has a hard life, and a similar lack of understanding Logically, the smart thing to do is run off with two guys in school that are so new the girls haven t even determined if they the guys are bad news yet.Luckily for the reader and unluckily for Karla and Carol the guys are bad news Soon, an interstate crime spree is underway with drugs, sex, car theft and Bonus an [...]

    7. I received this from Library Thing to read and review I personally think this book should be required reading for all young people In addition to illustrating the dangers and evils of drugs, it depicts the story of Karla, who is going through a bad time in life Enter Carol Who is not a particularly good girl but who befriends Karla when she needs a friend Both decide to go on a trip, a sort of vacation from friends and family and school This short vacation quickly turns into the vacation from he [...]

    8. I RECEIVED AN ARC COPY OF THIS BOOK FROM LIBRARY THING EARLY REVIEWERS BUT THIS HAS NOT INFLUENCED MY REVIEW IN ANY WAY.I understand that the theme of this book is drugs and it effects,however, it was too much for me Everyone one of the main characters, has the same family background, drug abused parent and the other one doesn t care This made me disinterested in the characters However, I enjoyed the writing style and I did want to read as it unfolded The ending I believe was a bit rushed and t [...]

    9. I received this book for free in exchange for providing an honest review.This book is the second book in the series Wings to Ashes series In the first book Karla, the new girl in town becomes friends with Carol Carol, the proverbial bad influence invites Karla to a party that ends in tragedyIn Road Salt Karla is back in school and again meets up with Carol, who feels guilty for what happened in the first book one, The girls go on a road trip with their boyfriends that ends in disaster One of the [...]

    10. This book was remedial at best It took you on a journey of four friends who went on a drug induced hiatus and all the trouble that ensued because of it First, let me point out that the editing was abhorrent Even a first grader with spell check could have done better than that The characters didn t have much depth and the conversations seemed forced and flat Most people speak using contractions Although the book did keep me somewhat interested enough to finish it thankfully it was a short read , [...]

    11. I received this book free from the author through LibraryThing in exchange for an honest review This book needs editing very badly The many typos were very distracting I do feel that this book is one that should be read by every teen and discussed with parents, teachers, and counselors Every one of the teens in this book have a very dysfunctional family life with little or no parental guidance and very risky parental behaviors These teens make very poor decisions and continued with risky behavio [...]

    12. I enjoyed the topic the story was written about The book is about drug use and the effects that drugs have on you In my opinion, this is a very important subject matter and all young readers need the dangers of drug use brought to their attention However, the book was in terrible form Two of the chapters even though they had completely different titles were wriiten exactly the same It did not appear that it had been proofread at all I feel the book could have been so much if time had been spen [...]

    13. I couldn t continue this book The writing seemed like it was done by a 12 year old due to choppy sentences Also, the author kept repeating the same thing over and over.I really could not continue this because I was just getting annoyed with the writing and redundancy It s a shame because I was really looking forward to this book I received an ecopy of this title from LibraryThing in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    14. I wanted so much to enjoy this book It is an important topic to explore, and teens and parents alike should read and be familiar with lesser known drugs However, this book reads as a very rough first draft I wanted to edit the book and send it back to the author Unfortunately I was unable to finish this book I would love to reread it if it was properly edited.

    15. I received the book for free through First Reads.This was a Uncorrected Proof Copy It had the same chapter twice but under different titles and it seemed like another one was out of order but it was an okay read High Schoolers and the dangers of drink, drugs and bath salts.

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