A Good Man Tutelam Venit He was sitting in the shadows taking a break from the wedding of the year when Paul Robertson s sense of right and wrong forced him to jump in and rescue a young damsel in distress Little did he rea

  • Title: A Good Man (Tutelam Venit, #1)
  • Author: Marc Nobbs
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He was sitting in the shadows, taking a break from the wedding of the year, when Paul Robertson s sense of right and wrong forced him to jump in and rescue a young damsel in distress Little did he realise how much that selfless act would change his life A Good Man is the first book in the Tutelam Venit series the story of one young man s coming of age journey and hiHe was sitting in the shadows, taking a break from the wedding of the year, when Paul Robertson s sense of right and wrong forced him to jump in and rescue a young damsel in distress Little did he realise how much that selfless act would change his life A Good Man is the first book in the Tutelam Venit series the story of one young man s coming of age journey and his search for his place in the world.

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      196 Marc Nobbs
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    1. Marc Nobbs

      Author of erotic romance with a male POV, Blogger, Accounts Manager, Husband, Dad, Middle Aged Grump, Proud and passionate Brit.But not in that order.Marc started writing as hobby just after leaving university in 1998, and in 2005 his first short story was published by the illustrated erotic story website Ruthie s Club The illustration for Scratched by Gloklund was pretty cool you can find it, and the other Ruthie s Club Illustrations of his stories on his website In all Marc had 13 stories published and illustrated by Ruthie s Club.Marc s first novel, Charlotte s Secret, was published by Phaze in 2008 Eternally Ever, his fourth Phaze novel, was published in 2010 In 2011, Marc launched Parkland Publishing and released the first book in the Tutelam Venit series in 2011.Originally from Wolverhampton in The Black County, Marc now lives in the Northamptonshire countryside just a stone s throw from where Princess Diana is buried and the Gunpowder Plot was plotted It s far cry from his inner city roots, but that s what an education does for you He studied at the University of Aberystwyth and the University of Swansea.When he s not writing, blogging, counting other people s money or being a loving husband and father, Marc enjoys the peace and quiet of his garden, where he grows all manner of quite magnificent fruit and vegetables.Marc Nobbs is one of the new breed of male authors of Erotic Romance And as a proud and passionate Brit, Marc s novels and short stories all have that unique British flavour at their core.Marc s erotic romance novels have heart, soul, passion and intelligence Captivating plots, fascinating, complex characters and steamy, graphic sex scenes all combine to give the reader and experience they will remember for a long time.Marc pays no attention to the rules of Romantic fiction He offers something different A refreshing change from the norm His characters are real Strong independent women and hard working, honest, noble men And his plots have intelligence and passion in spades Gritty, down to earth slices of British life mixed with that element of sexual fantasy and escapism that we all love.Prepare to cry, to laugh and to be swept along on a torrent of emotion that you d never would never have expected from this happily married father of two all interlaced with steamy love scenes that will set your insides on fire.Experience the highs and the lows of his captivating plots as his novels take you on winding journey towards the most breathtaking climaxes in every sense of the word.

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    1. A Good Man by Marc Nobbs I volunteered to read this book about six months ago, when Marc was trying to get his work out there, and then real life got in the way I am glad I am a person of my word and finally got to read it.This book is a coming of age new adult book with explicit content, but written in a romantic, yet current style that relates to relationships of young people on the brink of adulthood Author Marc Nobbs writes from Paul s perspective, and definitely has the style down The main [...]

    2. A young boy coming into his own, Paul Robertson s story is detailed in a wonderful manner Mr Nobbs pens a fantastic story of how the choices a person makes can lead to their current situation This story is basically a what if story with a West Side Story theme The two opposing sides are Villagers and Townies The Townies are the blue collar worker families The Villagers are the white collar or rich families These two shall never meet This is the unwritten rule that all follow.Paul is a guy who ma [...]

    3. A Good Man ReviewWow I really liked this story A tale of a young man on his journey into adulthood, and what a journey it turns out to be I especially loved that it was in Paul s POV throughout There are not many romance erotic novels out there that are solely written this way, so yeah I liked that I made notes all over this book on my kindle There were some really touching moments that I just felt compelled to highlight Lovely quotes As I am married to my childhood sweetheart, I instantly warme [...]

    4. What I enjoyed about this book was the characters being British From their mannerisms to the way they talked, it was intriguing Paul is this sweet guy that anyone could approach and be comfortable around He is sweet, caring, a little dorky but every bit swoon worthy He fits the title of the book A Good Man This book has a good story line, keeps you guessing, steamy and an all around good read The epilogue leaves you wanting of this story On to the next book.

    5. Confession time I have purposely left writing this review for a few weeks since finishing the story for two reasons 1 I needed to formulate my feelings and thoughts into something comprehensible.2 I didn t want to write a review that wouldn t fully make sense to a potential reader.This story has had me in a book funk in that this first book affected me so much I m reluctant to pick up book two t because I don t think it will be worth reading, actually quite the opposite I m reluctant to start re [...]

    6. This is perhaps THE best book I have read this year If it s not the best it s certainly in my top 5 I jumped on the free offer and it was one of the best one clicks I have ever done.I don t go into plots here I hate reading reviews and having the plot given in the review Instead I will tell you that this book is written from a man s POV looking back through the years We see him make the mistakes, fix them We see him be what most of us females wish we could find A real life knight in shining armo [...]

    7. This book is a wonderful story that follows a young man s life as The book is told from Paul s point of view and that just makes the story so much enjoyable as the reader follows his journey into adulthood The author has written A Good Man with so much emotion that you can t help but feel everything Paul goes through as if you are right there going through it with him Any emotion you can name I believe I felt at one point as I read this book Paul tells his story as he deals with the good and th [...]

    8. This was a great coming of age story about Paul Robertson.The story in this book was very well written and developed and the plot was steadily paced and kept me interested till the last page The characters in this book were very well developed and I felt like I was there attending school with Paul and all of his friends.I was sucked in from page one with Paul saving Clarissa from the jerk that her mother married and the tides change at school for Paul, there has been a clear line drawn about who [...]

    9. Fantastic book Very well written, very concise, full of various details that makes you live the story as if you were one of the characters.A Good Man has everything from love, death, grief, anger, friendship, hot sex, even a little forbidden romance It s heartbreaking and beautiful.I love that the story was told in Paul s point of view, a young man that struggles for his place in the world after his parents death and at the age of 18 is presented with some stunning facts that somehow will change [...]

    10. What a wonderful story of a young man coming of age as he experiences the very harsh realities of love, life, friendships, and losses Paul is a fabulous man and Clarissa is beautiful and their romance is breathtaking This is the first book I have read by Marc Nobbs and it wont be the last

    11. Amazingly a really good manGrowing up is hard enough, but losing booth parents and the love of a lifetime Incredibly Paul powers though A great book to laugh, cry and fall in love with.

    12. I didn t mind this story It was intriguing enough to keep me turning the pages A nice coming of age story with lots of ups and downs A good read

    13. Paul was just an average boy, becoming a man, or so he thought He and his sister were working on their 3rd anniversary of their parents car accident and death Paul thought he was just a Townie and no one thought much of Townies They usually ended up working in the factory in town that kept the town and village somewhat prosperous Paul had other ideas for his life even though he wasn t a Villager he has his heart set on University and getting away from this place Over the summer holiday he ended [...]

    14. I loved the characters in the story and felt that Paul really was a good man with everything he went through and the support he gave his friends A beautiful story about love can conquer the different classes in society There were some interesting twists, including the ending I can say make sure you have book two because you re going to want to find out what happens I needed to know so got it straight away Living in a town where there are two different groups or classes Paul and Clarissa are in o [...]

    15. Copy gifted for an honest review.A town divided by wealth or lack of, kids at school tend to stick with those from their end of the spectrum The last year of school before university things start to change, friendships build as do relationships The usual angst of young love, dealing with strong feelings, urges and not always agreeing with parents wishes A few twists and turns along the way building towards a dramatic ending in this story, it was a shock I have to say though I suppose knowing the [...]

    16. An ok storyThis is the first book I have read by this author, and I ll admit it took me several chapters to get into the book The prologue starts in 2048, but then chapter 1 jumps back to 2010, where we hear about Paul Robertsons teenage years His love and heartache I was probably 50% into the book before I could say I was really enjoying it I never expected the ending This book ends leaving you wondering what happened to Paul in his Gap Year and then coming back to the UK a year later to start [...]

    17. You re a good man, Paul Robertson This is the first book of many to follow I ve read of Marc Nobbs A Good Man is a WONDERFUL 5 STAR read It s full of emotion trust, friendship, and love The characters are so real and genuine they jump off the page and bury themselves in your heart For Paul, when Death has interfered, it s changed his life Loosing his parents was hard enough, but when he looses yet another loved one will it tarnish his reputation as A Good Man I m eager to see if Paul s new statu [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book It was very well written and full of detail It kept me gripped from beginning to the end and it had everything in it you could ask for I felt that the story flowed at all times and I felt every single emotion The characters were well developed as was the descriptive storyline and I felt like I was actually transported into the book and was watching the events unfold as the author wrote them With being British I loved the British humour that was in this book and I also loved t [...]

    19. This book grabbed me emotionally and would not let go Marc Nobbs as a way to writing what his characters are feeling so the reader feels like they are right there in the story Paul Robertson is an amazing young man In the prologue he takes us back nearly 40 years to some very important and formative times in his life There are a couple unexpected twists at the end and I immediately had to read book 2 I highly recommend this book and author.

    20. This was a pleasure to read, I really enjoyed this one It is very well written, even at the times it seem to kind of slow down I loved the message of this book, that one person can change and make a difference in other people lives The ending was kind of shocking, but sets up the next book perfectly.


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