Bon savoir Artiste asocial et solitaire Jerry McKenzie se contente parfaitement de monter cheval et de travailler dans son atelier sans voir personne Ce n est pas une vie pour un enfant alors quand il apprend

  • Title: Bon à savoir
  • Author: D.W. Marchwell Domitille Malin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
  • Artiste asocial et solitaire, Jerry McKenzie se contente parfaitement de monter cheval et de travailler dans son atelier, sans voir personne Ce n est pas une vie pour un enfant, alors quand il apprend qu il a t d sign comme tuteur de son neveu orphelin, il panique Il n a aucune id e de comment s occuper d un enfant et n est pas certain de pouvoir offrir William l Artiste asocial et solitaire, Jerry McKenzie se contente parfaitement de monter cheval et de travailler dans son atelier, sans voir personne Ce n est pas une vie pour un enfant, alors quand il apprend qu il a t d sign comme tuteur de son neveu orphelin, il panique Il n a aucune id e de comment s occuper d un enfant et n est pas certain de pouvoir offrir William l amour et l affection dont il a profond ment besoin Puis Jerry fait la connaissance de David Loewenberger, un nouveau professeur auquel William s attache imm diatement Il commence alors comprendre qu ensemble ils pourraient former une famille une famille qui remplacerait celle que William a perdu, une famille que David ne songeait plus trouver une famille que Jerry n avait jamais cru d sirer.

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      242 D.W. Marchwell Domitille Malin
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    1. D.W. Marchwell Domitille Malin

      When D W Marchwell is not teaching future generations the wonders of science, he can usually be found hiking, writing, riding horses, trying new recipes, or searching for and lovingly restoring discarded antique furniture A goofy and incurable romantic, D.W admits that his stories are inspired by actual events and has a soft spot for those where boy not only meets boy but also turns out to be boy s soul mate After almost fifteen years of working his way across Canada, D.W has finally found the perfect place to live at the foot of the Canadian Rockies He still can t believe how lucky he is, and, as his grandmother taught him, counts his blessings every day.

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    1. I liked this book Didn t love it, but it was good I really LOVED the fact that the H H were both over 40 As an over 40 person, it was refreshing to have characters that were not young enough to be my children Thanks to DW for acknowledging that middle aged people can find love, too.

    2. I was about to give 4 5 when everything fell apart with this book This has one of my no no things, and in this book it comes in a colossal way view spoiler The author managed to make a nice story into wtf melodrama in a blink It would still have gotten at least 3 when all the angst are taken away with deus ex machina After all the build up conflicts, one phone call from unexpected person ends all problems And suddenly they were happily ever after This plot device usually happens when the author [...]

    3. Wow this was a disappointment, I was looking for some warm fuzzies, and got whine, whine, whine This book was too cookie cutter, too perfect, and just meh for story.No thanks especially for what the publishers are asking for it.

    4. I found this story via a link for a guest blog at Book Wenches I don t remember where but but I m very grateful that I did D.W Marchwell s blog really struck me his memories, his writing, the story, all of it said to me Get this book now So I did I literally have hundreds of books to be read over 500 print and probably a similar number in eformat, but I knew that I had to read Good to Know right away It was one of those that spoke to me before I even knew much about it and I ve learned to not ig [...]

    5. I read this for a GR challenge and let s just say it was a challenge to get through The basic story itself was interesting but in the end, Good to Know tries too hard The premise two men find each other due to their concern for an orphaned little boy, they fall in love and build a family together How could you not like that, right Well, the love is a little too instant and the author pours on too much saccharine sweetness with constant pet names baby, cowboy, mountain lion yes, mountain lion and [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book, though it had some problems on that later I found the characters compelling We really get to know David and Jerry in this book, and largely, the meat of the plot is devoted to them their struggles, their fears, and each trying to do the right thing by William, whom they are both starting to love as a son Though it tends to lead to a lot of angst, I really enjoy when the two characters get into it with each other, by which I mean that they actually work through their [...]

    7. 4.5 upped to 5 I loved this sweet story set practically in my backyard It was obviously sweet but also had a lot of angst and fear and love Two men in their 40s looking for that someone special, maybe even having given up the search, find each other because of an adorable, orphaned boy The relationship wasn t easy up, down, shake it all around, but in the end it was absolutely perfect Jerry, so gruff and unmoving in the beginning, turned into the most romantic, caring man qualities I don t think [...]

    8. 3.5I enjoyed this story, although probably not as much on a second reading.William is adorable, and had my heart breaking a few times.David was almost perfect, but I found his crying so much a bit off putting.Jerry was Cowboy than artist, but a good guy once he Cowboy d Up lol The story of William coming to live with Jerry, and David s subsequent involvement, was heart warming and sweet But for me it was slightly spoiled with over done sex scenes I d also of liked to of seen a little closure o [...]

    9. I had to re read this one since I ll be starting the sequel tonight or tomorrow and I wanted to be all up to date And I loved reading it the second time as much as the first I really enjoy DW Marchwell s stories and I m looking forward to reading An Earlier Heaven.

    10. Darum geht s William ist erst 10 Jahre alt, als seine Eltern ums Leben kommen und sich herausstellt, dass er vor bergehend zu einem Cousin seiner Mutter soll, den er noch nie gesehen hat Jerry McKenzie geht auf die 50 zu, ist erfolgreicher K nstler und hat keine Lust auf Kinder Eigentlich hat er vor, William so schnell wie m glich wieder loszuwerden, doch dann kommt Williams k nftiger Lehrer David ins Spiel, den auch Jerry gerne n her kennenlernen w rde Und schneller als es Jerry lieb ist, w chs [...]

    11. Come reagireste se la vostra consolidata routine venisse stravolta, di punto in bianco, da un adorabile bambino che vi viene affidato Ecco, Jerry McKenzie non ha reagito nel migliore dei modi, ma come si pu biasimarlo un uomo quasi cinquantenne, un affermato e ricco artista, che non ama la confusione e la vita di citt e che, pur desiderandola, non riesce a creare una relazione amorosa Per questo si accontenta di rapporti senza impegno, giusto per sfogare lo stress, e si rifugiato in un bel ranch [...]

    12. Do you want to know how I m feeling after reading this book Look at this image Are you now feeling warm and fuzzy THAT S IT The feeling this book will give you Why The blurb is very self explanatory, but let me add some to try to convince you to give this book a try.William, a 10 years old orphan, will be took out from the only world he know from a privative expensive school to a person he never saw, and never heard about Jerry is almost 50 years old He is an artist and, sad I know, absolutely [...]

    13. For Eyre It is obvious that you have put much thought and analysis into your review of this novel, but with all respect due I am glad that I bought this book anyway For me this novel is about learning to be true to oneself The story revolves around two men fighting to find their ways toward making a home for a boy who has never known one it is a tale that begins with three hurt and damaged souls and ends with each one of them learning that it is acceptable to be less than perfect, that each of t [...]

    14. The pacing was all over the place Insta love followed by lots of angst that felt blown way out of proportion I felt like it was trying to reach an emotional high but fell well short of the mark by forcing it The kid, William, was adorable The best part of this story by far.

    15. Good to Know is a classical romance, also a bit old fashioned Lonely and grumpy artist living in a isolated ranch finds himself guardian of a 10 years old orphan lonely and tender hearted teacher thinks to march arms in hand to the rescue of a little boy to then fall in love for the guardian It s probably the most classic love story, what made it special was that both main characters are, for once, well past their young age Jerry, the artist, is nearly 50 years old, and David, the teacher, is pa [...]

    16. 2 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress William Baldwin Pruit III is a ten year boy, living for the last five years of his life in a boarding school in Switzerland That all comes to an abrupt end when a lawyer shows up to inform him that his parent died in an accident and as they decided in their will William is to go and live with his only relative alive Jerry McKenzie.Jerry is forty six years old and has no family All he wants and needs is his art and the occ [...]

    17. A 3.75 in my reckoning Loved the cover and it ties into the story at the end This was a good romance, leaving mostly nice, warm feelings The story engaged from the start and it was too easy to read it in one sitting The story is of Jerry who has to take in his orphaned cousin and his growing relationship with his ward s teacher, David With a bit of homophobic jealousy from another teacher threatening David s career and the relationship to add the angst.I found Jerry not quite so lovable at begin [...]

    18. I m not sure I would agree with Eyre s assessment of this book When I first began reading it, I was annoyed by David s schizo ness Sure, he was cruel to the principal about her weight, but don t we all lash out irrationally and at the wrong person when we re backed into a corner But even David changes by the end of the book he s learned to direct his energies where they belong And I think that was the point of the book I finally decided to give it 5 stars because after thinking on it for a few d [...]

    19. I didn t love this one but it did keep me interested enough to want to know what happened with everyone William was a sweet heart and my heart broke for the little cowboy Jerry Dave were a little quick to start something at firstbut then they did say they were gonna go slow The writing was a bit choppy and it didn t really flow Sometimes I was unsure whose pov I was reading and had to go back and reread a few sentences It was loving yet frustratinghott steamyt annoyingly sweet There are in this [...]

    20. Without the thoroughly sloppy writing, head hopping and the constant what the hell did I miss now feeling brought on by those things Yeah, it had the potential to be a good book I love long books, yet this one felt like a novella and no, not in a good way at all The reading experience left me annoyed, confused and feeling a bit betrayed Can t really recommend it.2 stars for the potential, William and all the languages.

    21. I don t know why I never finished this book I really liked it at the beginning, but I guess it might have been the slow pace, the slow character development, and the writing style I m usually really great with finishing books like this, but I guess this one wasn t my cup of tea I also really hated how William seemed so mature in the first chapter and then was reduced to sounding and acting like what I had already started expecting him to be There s a dissonance and it s bothering me.

    22. This was a very sweet read William was just adorable, although I would have liked to see a little of him in the second half of the book I loved the way that Jerry and David s relationship developed over the course of the book and I am looking forward to reading about this family in the next book.

    23. 3,5 stars Storia carina ma la tempistica degli eventi, i dialoghi un po confusi, la sfilza di appellativi in ogni frase cowboy, socio, amico, e Leone di montagna Da brivido hanno reso questo libro meno coinvolgente di quanto avrebbe potuto essere.

    24. What a sweet read I must admit I didn t really understand the big fight that went down but I certainly felt the pain Make me weepy, shocking, I know I d put this one in the feel good group because even with the weeping it was so nice and I didn t want to poke my eyes out at any time Bonus

    25. I loved this book These three guys were perfect for each other and I was pulled right in to their developing relationship It was great to see them build a family together They fit together like a puzzle, filing needs with in each other that made this story sweet but not too saccharine.

    26. I thought the overall idea of the story was cute but holy crap all the pet names and the crying every other paragraph was way too much for me to handle

    27. Loved it not too most angst just a story about looking finsing something you never thought you wanted or could have a family It was tender,sweet and a few hot bits.

    28. Sweet story of recluse artist Jerry learns to open his heart and home to orphan William and dedicated teacher David This is indeed a good read

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