Babalar ve O ullar Vladamir Nabokov a g re Babalar ve O ullar yaln z Turgenyev in en iyi roman de il ayn zamanda on dokuzuncu y zy l n da en parlak romalar ndan biridir Turgenyev bu roman nda tasarlad i i yani i g z

  • Title: Babalar ve Oğullar
  • Author: Ivan Turgenev Melih Cevdet Anday
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vladamir Nabokov a g re, Babalar ve O ullar yaln z Turgenyev in en iyi roman de il, ayn zamanda on dokuzuncu y zy l n da en parlak romalar ndan biridir Turgenyev, bu roman nda tasarlad i i, yani i g zlemini olmamakla birlikte, bir gazetecinin kaleminden kma toplumcu kukla tipi durumuna d meyen bir karakter yaratmay ba arm t r Ger ekten, Turgenyev bu yap t nVladamir Nabokov a g re, Babalar ve O ullar yaln z Turgenyev in en iyi roman de il, ayn zamanda on dokuzuncu y zy l n da en parlak romalar ndan biridir Turgenyev, bu roman nda tasarlad i i, yani i g zlemini olmamakla birlikte, bir gazetecinin kaleminden kma toplumcu kukla tipi durumuna d meyen bir karakter yaratmay ba arm t r Ger ekten, Turgenyev bu yap t nda, kahraman Bazarov u eksen alarak o d nemin Rusya s ndaki ku aklar aras at may ustal kla i ler Romana, z mleme zenginli i ve inand r c l k kazand ran zellikleri aras nda ku aklar aras at man n yan s ra, kent k kenli radikal ayd nlarla k r k kenli tutucu liberal toprak sahipleri, kad n ve erkek karakterler, duygular ve inan lar aras ndaki kar tl klar da eklemek gerekir Arka kapak

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    1. Ivan Turgenev Melih Cevdet Anday

      Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev Cyrillic was a novelist, poet and dramatist, and now ranks as one of the towering figures of Russian literature His major works include the short story collection A Sportsman s Sketches 1852 and the novels Rudin 1856 , Home of the Gentry 1859 , On the Eve 1860 , and Fathers and Sons 1862 These works offer realistic, affectionate portrayals of the Russian peasantry and penetrating studies of the Russian intelligentsia who were attempting to move the country into a new age His masterpiece, Fathers and Sons, is considered one of the greatest novels of the nineteenth century Turgenev was a contemporary with Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy While these wrote about church and religion, Turgenev was concerned with the movement toward social reform.

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    1. Fathers and Sons FS apparently pleased no one on in Russia on publication, and if not precisely shocked the muchadumbre, then surely ruffled feathers and rubbed salt in fresh wounds that, in any event, is the general promise in the blurb on the back cover of the book Goody I like a scandal better than the next person, for sure So I tore into it with gusto.Alas, though There is no scandal to be had here I mean, not even remotely not even a whiff of it The big brouhaha seems to evolve around the c [...]

    2. Fathers feel that they now belong to bygone times and sons feel that they have learned enough to indoctrinate new scientific theories and philosophies to the fathers This happens today and this happened in this realistic classical work, based on the Russian society of mid 19th century The story begins with two brothers First one, Nikolai Petrovitch, who had lost his wife, but there remained a sense of well spent life, as his son was growing up under his eyes and, second Pavel Petrovitch, on the [...]

    3. I had some doubts upon reading Turgenev for the first time, could he really stand up with the likes of Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky , simple answer, yes Fathers and Sons, although not on an epic level in terms of length, does an authentic and realistic job of presenting an account of upper class 19th century Russian provincial life, and indeed it doesn t surprise me he gained greater respect in some parts in regards to the two other Russian greats Turgenev arguably had better popularity due to his de [...]

    4. If you want to read a great Russian novel, but your wrists are to weak for Karenina or Brothers K, this is your jam It s almost allegorical in its deployment of the characters various philosophies, but they re so human it s like watching Chekhov play across the page For a book written in the mid late 19th century, it s amazingly relevant a pithy study of conservativism, liberalism, radicalism, quietism, and filial love and rebellion The bad tempered anarchist, Bazarov, is a character for the age [...]

    5. Tremendous Forget the patchy, barely coherent A Hero of Our Time This is your pre Tolstoy, pre Dostoevsky almost excusing a decade or two Russian masterpiece Do you want to be a nihilist with a casual interest in botany and medicine Do you sneer at aristocratic values but have the hots for a milf with a vassal soaked estate Do you treat your father s house like a hotel, and only pay fleeting three year visits, during which you torment your poor mother and her servants Do you want to snog your be [...]

    6. My main issue with this book too short An odd thing to think of when the too short object in question is a Russian novel concerning cultural upheaval and aristocracy and all sorts of young ones running around screeching newfangled ideas at the top of their lungs, but tis true A while back, someone somewhere on coined the term soap opera with brains , a literature type that hasn t popped up in my reading since The Age of Reason but can be much enjoyably, I dare say applied here with the highest [...]

    7. 874 Fathers and Sons Fathers and Children, Ivan TurgenevFathers and Sons Russian Ottsy i deti , also translated literally as Fathers and Children, is an 1862 novel by Ivan Turgenev, and ties with A Nest of Gentlefolk for the repute of being his best novel.Major characters Yevgeny Vasilevich Bazarov A nihilist and medical student Arkady Nikolaevich Kirsanov A recent graduate of St Petersburg University and friend of Bazarov Nikolai Petrovich Kirsanov A landlord, a liberal democrat, Arkady s fath [...]

    8. This novel opens up with one son returning to his father The son in question is newly graduate Arkady Kirsanov, who returns home accompanied by his nihilist friend Bazarov Arkady s father Nikolai welcomes his son and his friend Bazarov with open arms Nikolai is naturally happy to have his son back, doing his best to make these young men feel welcome However, the new philosophical system these young man advocate causes Nikolai to feel uneasy What kind of philosophical system is it Well, that woul [...]

    9. This is a novel that should probably be read by everybody fathers, sons, mothers, daughters at 18 years and again at 50 years I m somewhere in between, but it still enchanted me Fathers and Sons themes are universal, but also very relevant to Russia in the 1860s post Emancipation Reform of 1861 IT is about the struggles between generations It is is a novel about beauty, love, relationships, power, social etiquitte, etc The duality of the generations in Fathers and Sons allowed Turgenev to explor [...]

    10. I started reading this book because I was looking for clues to help me decipher William Trevor s Reading Turgenev but I didn t really find many I ve since realised that Trevor was mostly referring to a different Turgenev novel, On the Eve In fact Fathers and Sons has in common with another book I read recently, Belinda McKeon s Solace Both novels are concerned with the gaps in comprehension between people of different generations, in particular between fathers and sons and the tensions that ari [...]

    11. I re read Fathers and Sons for a couple reasons 1 I have been on a small Rereading Great Russian Novel kick the last couple years and 2 I was interested in what the book might have to say about the relationships between fathers and sons As to 1, this novel was the first Great Russian Novel to achieve international fame, paving the way for in my estimation greater works from Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, but it s also pretty legitimately great in its own right As to 2, I think it s less actually about [...]

    12. I knew becoming a parent would be a lot of work but I wasn t prepared for the pile of worry that came with it, nor for how quickly that pile would grow into a mountain.It starts with the childhood illnesses a thirty nine degree fever It must be meningitis Then the real worries come, beginning with education My nine year old has a B in drama and C in math It s all over a life spent waiting tables before the big break which never comes Don t worry, we ll be there for you son In the teenage years w [...]

    13. A proto punk and a proto metrosexual demand satisfaction from one another because the first macked on the latter s bro s baby mama The gentry can t really rage against the machine, they re jackdaws, domesticated dogs Guys in their early twenties have apparently always sort of sucked, albeit in an intellectually sexy way as long as they don t lack confidence Repudiate, repudiate, repudiate, champion only what s useful, no authority other than oneself Blame testosterone plus higher education But t [...]

    14. I suspect Fathers and Sons is too deeply a product of its particular time and place to be enjoyable now without a sense of the Russian history that has molded this novel into what it is I began without a background, and though it was agreeable all the way through, I really didn t find it gripping enough surely it was an evergreen conflict, even if not on every count The struggle between the titular Fathers and Sons is an eternal one, and I was surprised at my reluctance to engage with the text E [...]

    15. It turns out there s empty space in my suitcase and I m stuffing hay into it That s just how it is in the suitcase of our lives it doesn t matter what you stuff in, as long as there s no empty space Whatever problems in the nineteenth century Russia Turgenev, through Fathers and Sons, touches at, all he does is simply portray them with the most stirring sincerity, and this sincerity becomes important than the fact that he doesn t provide any solution to these problems in fact, he only complicat [...]

    16. To begin with, I never intended to read Fathers and Sons by Turgenev in the first place rather, it was one of the lesser known works of this lesser known Russian master, Sketches from a hunter s album that I sought so eagerly But after searching for the latter endlessly, my efforts proved futile as I was unable to get my hands on it Later, I remember stumbling upon an excerpt of Fathers and Sons , and it piqued my curiosity The excerpt was such Whereas I think I m lying here in a haystack The ti [...]

    17. You might not know about this but ol Turgenev was sortof a big deal back in the day This book here in particular paved the way for some of those guys you mighta heard about fellas named Tolstoy and Dostoevsky I don t know why I ve started talking like an old timey prospector This was a landmark in realism the big dude before this was Gogol and also a landmark in not hating serfs erGogol again Which the thing with serfs is it was like slaves except not stolen from Africa Sot bad It turns out tha [...]

    18. Every single man hangs by a thread, a bottomless pit can open beneath him any minute, and yet he still goes on thinking up unpleasantness for himself and making a mess of his life Bazarov, in Fathers and SonsFinally, a dusty old classic that lives up to its reputation Turgenev s Fathers and Sons is pleasingly warm and crisply distilled vodka, a rich and pungent family saga that even a mildly disappointing heart tugging finale can t ruin It s like Russia s Catcher in the Rye but from way way back [...]

    19. her klasik ve rus edebiyat eseri gibi y llard r okumay bekliyordum ama benim i in bu kitab bir ad m ne karan ey turgenyev in dostoyevski ve tolstoy ile bitmek bilmeyen kavgalar n renmek ve tabi ki orhan pamuk un sessiz ev de nilg n e bu kitab okutmas oldu kavgay uzun uzun bu review a yazmak istemiyorum, uradan akintiyakurek okuyabilirsiniz fakat bu anla mazl klarda n plana kan ve bi nevi anla mazl n sebebi de olan dostoyevski nin rusya sevgisi ve realistli ine kar n turgenyev in bat hayranl ve r [...]

    20. Okudu um klasikler aras nda beni en ok etkileyen, en ok sarsan kitaplardan birisi oldu Lakin bunun sebebi duygusal de ildi lkemizde yaz nsal retimin veya bir sinema filminin be enilebilmesi i in mutlaka ki ide g l bir duygusal etki olu turmas gerekir Ya ok g ld recek, ya da a latacakt r Ye il amda en ok g rece imiz ey budur ki bug n retilen sinema filmlerinde de ayn eyi g receksiniz.Bu kitab n pek ok ki i taraf ndan sevilme sebeplerinden birisi de yaratt bu tip duygusal etki Oysa bu kitaptaki al [...]

    21. review in English below Pais e Filhos n o s o melhor romance de Turgu niev, mas tamb m um dos maiores romances do s culo XIX Assim come a o Posf cio de Nabokov a esta obra Permito me discordar e at me parece que o pr prio Nabokov acaba por desdizer esta afirma o ao longo desse mesmo Posf cio Vejamos Descobrimos uma caracter stica fora do vulgar na estrutura de Turgu niev, que tem s rios problemas em apresentar dignamente os seus personagens vai lhes construindo genealogias e atribuindo refer nci [...]

    22. S nmek zere olan kandile fleyin s ns n Hi bir eyin i i bo kalm yor Y re ini bo alt yorsun Sevmem diyorsun Seviyorsun Ac ekiyorsun Beyini bo altt nda, daha ok d n yorsun Umursamam diyorsun Umursuyorsun Tam bitirdim derken k , bahar geliyor Bir tomurcuk i ek a yor Meyve veriyor a a Is r yorsun Hi bir ey yok olmuyor Varolu un alg s m Yoksa ger ek mi K r lan ta ufalansa da yok olmuyor Tam yok oldu unu sand nda K llerinden yeniden do uyorsun Nam k Somel 3 Mart 2017 Trabzon Babalar ve O ullar n tortus [...]

    23. I will never get used to the way Russian novelists constantly switch from using first names to first name diminutives to patronymics to surnames to refer to characters Never I never will I swear on Franz Kafka s grave, which I have visited and left flowers on That aside, I liked this a lot than I thought I would I don t know what I expected, exactly, but it wasn t thins.I was feeling pretty smug as Bazarov Yevgeny Vasilyevich the doctor whoever was gobsmacked by the terrible tragedy for a nihil [...]

    24. Quando penso alla Russia e ai suoi scrittori mi vengono in mente Dostoevskij e Tolstoj, ma posso dire che Turgenev pu entrare a pieno titolo in questo trittico e questo romanzo ne un esempio Ho viaggiato nella campagna russa, assaporando gli odori ed i profumi di questa terra, a contatto con personaggi come Bazarov, l incarnazione del nichilismo, che mi ha accompagnato in questo percorso Padri e figli si concentra, non solo sul contrasto tra la conservazione dei primi e la contestazione dei seco [...]

    25. Um romance que teve impacto no seu tempo, relevante no abrir de novos ideais e horizontes intelectuais, mas que hoje pouco diz N o que o que diz e quando o disse n o continue a ser relevante de uma perspectiva hist rica, mas antes porque enquanto romance meramente mediano Este pode at ser o melhor do legado de Turgenev, mas se o , e se ainda recordado, apenas s ideias que defendia o deve, tendo este usado o romance como mero envelope, j que pouco mais podemos aproveitar desta leitura.A obra Pais [...]

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