Eolyn From PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Vigorously told deceptions and battle scenes will satisfy fans of traditional epic fantasy with a romantic thread Sole heiress to a forbidden craft Eolyn lives in a world where

  • Title: Eolyn
  • Author: Karin Rita Gastreich
  • ISBN: 9780982946749
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Vigorously told deceptions and battle scenes will satisfy fans of traditional epic fantasy with a romantic thread Sole heiress to a forbidden craft, Eolyn lives in a world where women of her kind are tortured and burned When she meets Achim, destined to assume the throne of this violent realm, she embarks upon a path of adventure, friendship, beFrom PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Vigorously told deceptions and battle scenes will satisfy fans of traditional epic fantasy with a romantic thread Sole heiress to a forbidden craft, Eolyn lives in a world where women of her kind are tortured and burned When she meets Achim, destined to assume the throne of this violent realm, she embarks upon a path of adventure, friendship, betrayal and war Bound by magic, torn apart by destiny, Eolyn and the Mage King confront each other in an epic struggle that will determine the fate of a millennial tradition of magic.

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    1. Karin Rita Gastreich

      Karin s novels blend elements of dark fantasy, historical fiction, and romance Her stories cover a range of genres from high fantasy to paranormal thrillers.If you like brave heroines, troubled heroes, and twisted villains, then you ve come to the right place From ancient woodlands to uncharted seas, get ready to discover a world of gripping battles, heart wrenching loss, hard won triumphs, and the ultimate magic of love.

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    1. This high fantasy takes the genre by storm It approaches the story in a completely different manner Yes, we have the traditional high fantasy elements, but we are given a very unique set of twists and turns Whilst the story is based round suppressing magas, it doesn t dwell on the part pertaining to sex, which I liked I wasn t interested in fighting for rights, but what the author did do absolutely brilliantly was to create a strong female character who was willing to fight for herself, and figh [...]

    2. This fantasy is set in a world in women s magic has been brutally repressed, leading to women themselves being oppressed The heroine is one of the few who survived the purges of maga, and she becomes the most powerful practitioner of women s magic in the land, although she must hide it or be executed I won t give away of the plot than that, other than to say that I was surprised at many turns Although rooted in traditional fantasy, EOLYN stretches and breaks the bounds in many ways, leading to [...]

    3. This wouldn t have normally popped up on my radar but the copy got my interest and I was glad I gave it a go If you are looking for a run of the mill fantasy with cardboard characters and a genre typical storyline then this may not be for you, but if you want originality, powerful characters and superb plot that really grabs you then you won t do much better Given that the series has started so strongly I can t wait to see where it goes from here.

    4. High fantasy isn t everybody s cup of tea, but Eolyn is a different story What turns a lot of people off of fantasy is complex magic systems, outlandish characters, epic journeys that last forever, and long drawn out backstories While Eolyn captures the basic elements of fantasy very well, she dodged the bits that make people shy away.Eolyn is the journey of a young woman whose life has been torn apart by war Running from further cruelty, Eolyn is set upon a path that changes the path of not onl [...]

    5. If you re looking for a YA fantasy about a witch burning her world s sexism at the stake, then Eolyn might be for you The tale is alive with nature magic, beautiful prose, and sensuality.The story begins with a fairy tale aura, a girl in the woods chasing the spirit of her lost mother Eolyn is born into a family of witches, magas as they are called, in a world shackled by prejudice Women fear to leave their homes or try any profession, lest a competitor brands them as a witch The ruling male mag [...]

    6. This was a thoroughly engrossing book I mostly stopped reading fantasy when I finished all of Juliet Marillier s books, which I couldn t get enough of, but I am so glad this tale found it s way to me It has all of the elements that I want in a fantasy strong female characters, an enthralling storyline, and an epic striving for good over the sick and distorted status quo And it has so much than that clean, image rich writing, themes of nature as sacred and an underlying feminist point of view th [...]

    7. I will be writing a full review of this magnificent book soon but want to say now that it s the best of the sword and magic fantasies out there today Much better less tedious than Jordan s Wheel of Time series I write in this genre too and am therefore qualified to spot genius when I see it and I do in Karin s work.

    8. THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS Eolyn has strands of epic fantasy and romance that satisfied my love of romantic adventure Having read the first few chapters of this book when it was work shopped on tNBW, I was really excited to see how the story turned out.The first few hundred pages focus on Eolyn as a child, her education into the now forbidden magic of her ancestors and her friendship with Achim Akmael, the Prince of a Kingdom that kills women who possess magic.This part of the book was charming, f [...]

    9. Fear and prejudice against female magic in a corrupt kingdom leads to an attempt to purge female magic from the kingdom and the destruction of Eolyn s entire villiage Led by her mother s spirit, Eolyn finds the hidden dwelling of Ghemena, one of the last surviving Maga Ghemena takes Eolyn in and teaches her the ways of old Meanwhile, the sole heir to the throne is a mage prince Mourning the passing of his mother, he fiddles with one of the gifts she left behind and appears at Eolyn s side The tw [...]

    10. Eolyn was very young when a heart wrenching tragedy sent her deep into the woods Being guided by the Guendes she found Ghemena A high maga who lives in solitude after escaping her own death It is believed that there are no maga left in the world so they must be careful they won t be discovered.Eolyn goes out in the woods all the time and it is there that she meets a young boy He is a mage and is trained to become a high mage What she doesn t know is that when he grows up he will be in the positi [...]

    11. This was such a well thought out and well written book I appreciated that greatly.I enjoyed reading it very much.I found myself a little disappointed at the end Why Not because I was surprised about what happened Not at all I found that I correctly predicted much about the ending It was because I wish the author had done things a little differently.I guess in a book that clearly spends a great deal of time focusing on the fact that men and women are equally strong and capable in the end I found [...]

    12. EOLYN is an enjoyable reading experience Karin Gastreich has created a very believable world in this book Set in a fantasy universe where magic is the norm, this novel gives testimony to what has happened when female magic is oppressed I often found myself having to step back and remember that EOLYN is fiction Loved reading this and hated to put it down I am the voice actor narrator for this book in the audio book format, so it was necessary for the health of my voice and my eyes to stop every 3 [...]

    13. I am giving this 4 stars though it may have been like 3.75 The story of female oppression, childhood love, and destinies intertwined sucked me right in At times the pace felt slow but I think this had to do with how much detail was put into building the story It isn t all that often that my heart actually aches at the way a story ends but Eolyn pulled all the right strings If you only like stories where love comes easy then this is not the book for you Eolyn and Akmael are deep characters and I [...]

    14. The descriptions of nature are quite wonderful That otherworldly, magical aspect of the book brings insight to the human psyche yearning for a vision of expanded potential Eolyn is masterfully plotted as it creates suspense the reader will find hard to resist.

    15. This book is beautifully written The imagery is so intense you really feel like you are in that world The story and characters are engaging I highly highly recommend this book.

    16. I want to preface this by saying that I know Karin through the Dead Horse Society Writing Group in Kansas City I ve been reading the sequel in our critique group.As a middle aged man, I don t feel like I m the true demographic for this novel I rarely read novels with a young female protagonist It is a challenge for me to relate.The book starts with a gripping sequence There are many important bits of information which are necessary to understand the narrative, and they are given in just enough d [...]

    17. Excellent read Karin is a wonderful author and has such a fluid, beautiful way with words Eolyn is very well written and I recommend it to fans of fantasy and high magic.

    18. Very imaginative wonderful story with interesting characters when reading it you can feel the magic Well written and absorbing.

    19. I read this book series during the summer, so I may be a little hazy on the details, however, I know how I felt in the end.I really jumped head first into this journey of magic, women and societal perceptions I loved reading about the beginning of Eolyn How she came to be Living in the forest and learning about nature, herbs, healing and Magic The world building was wonderful The life very descriptive Very easy to read except some of the names cities throughout the series I don t like to have to [...]

    20. Absolutely wonderful fantasy that is a breath of fresh air Magic swept throughout but with something so different and pure I read a lot of fantasy books, but women s magic detailed perfectly.

    21. Eolyn, the debut novel by Karin Rita Gastreich, is an epic fantasy adventure with rich worldbuilding and a strong romance subplot, is the eponymous story of a girl who is the last remaining maga trained magic user of a long tradition of women s magic in a world which has brutally purged and repressed that tradition She survives an attack on her village, takes refuge in the ancient woods with an old crone who has also survived the purges, and is trained in the arts of magic While growing up, she [...]

    22. I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review.Like a spider creates a web, Karin Rita Gastreich, builds a complex world in her high fantasy novel, Eolyn With a likable heroine and hero, well developed secondary characters and good dialogue, I was transported to a world full of magic I never wanted to leave Fully engaging my emotions, Ms Gastreich created a reading experience I won t forget any time soon.As this tale begins, Eolyn a [...]

    23. I m quite fond of my Kindle, but the books I ve read on it have been hit or miss with me Some, like Scriber, have been gems, worthy of far attention than they ve received heretofore Others, like King s Envoy, have been bitter disappointments Still others have been marred by so many grammar and editing errors that it s hard to tell if a good story might be hiding under all those mistakes This book falls in the first category It s beautifully written and lyrically descriptive, and it centers arou [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book, largely because of its fairytale esque storyline and also because Eolyn is a very strong female protagonist The author does a great job of weaving magic and intrigue into the story, and all the characters, even the bad guys, are dynamic and well rounded I really appreciate that the author goes beyond merely telling a black and white story of good vs evil the author paints a complex story that emphasizes the notion that perspective is everything and that when perspecti [...]

    25. My Rating 4 5 stars Wander, my daughter A woman s path is made by wandering I found Eolyn on the Kindle store for 1.99, and it was so nice to start a book knowing absolutely nothing about it beyond its short blurb There was no hype for it to live up to, and now that it s over that makes me sad because it s a really good book.One of my favorite things about Graceling was that its main character Katsa had a job and then she found her purpose She had a calling, a vocation First she was the king s t [...]

    26. Combining elements of the bildungsroman, the origin story, and classic high fantasy, Karin Rita Gastreich s Eolyn is a refreshing new take on a timeless favorite.Eolyn is, at its heart, the story of a young woman creating her place in a world that s been taken from her The last surviving heir of the magas of old, protagonist Eolyn must embark on a journey to restore magic to the women of her kingdom Faced with visions of war, budding romance, and the ever looming threat of betrayal, she must loo [...]

    27. 3.5 Stars for me I rounded it down because for most of the first 140 pages I was bored I almost decided to give up and not read it So I would give that part of the book 2 stars But at about that point the story picked up, it seemed like the writing even changed and I really enjoyed the story right to the end So the last 180 pages or so were a 4 star for me I am not sure that has ever happened to me before.Eolyn begins with a tragedy when the girl of that name loses her entire family to a massacr [...]

    28. Eolyn, Karin Gastreich s debut novel, is an excellent example of the other breed of Epic Fantasy epitomized by the works of Guy Gavriel Kay, which is to say, not the traditional unlikely but fated and or prophesied hero must face the dreaded return of dark lord Instead, Gastreich s Eolyn focuses on the emotional, political, and physical conflicts between powerful and three dimensional characters You don t have any villains who do villainy because, well, that s just what villains do Each characte [...]

    29. This review is strictly the author s assessment of the audio edition of EOLYN, now available through audible and on itunes If you re looking for opinions that will tell you whether the story itself is the right kind of fantasy for you, please check out other reader reviews.To hear Eolyn s world interpreted by narrator Darla Middlebrook was an extraordinary experience I felt as if I were discovering my own novel all over again, as if I hadn t heard of these characters or their world before, even [...]

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