Have You Found Her And every week there was the unspoken question the one I didn t know enough to ask myself Have you found her yet The one who reminds you of you Twenty years after she lived at a homeless shelter for

  • Title: Have You Found Her
  • Author: Janice Erlbaum
  • ISBN: 9780812974577
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Paperback
  • And every week, there was the unspoken question, the one I didn t know enough to ask myself Have you found her yet The one who reminds you of you Twenty years after she lived at a homeless shelter for teens, Janice Erlbaum went back to volunteer Now thirty four years old and a successful writer, she d changed her life for the better now she wanted to help someone elseAnd every week, there was the unspoken question, the one I didn t know enough to ask myself Have you found her yet The one who reminds you of you Twenty years after she lived at a homeless shelter for teens, Janice Erlbaum went back to volunteer Now thirty four years old and a successful writer, she d changed her life for the better now she wanted to help someone else someone like the girl she d once been.Then she met Sam A brilliant nineteen year old junkie savant, the product of a horrifically abusive home, Sam had been surviving alone on the streets since she was twelve and was now struggling for sobriety against the adverse health effects of long term drug abuse Soon Janice found herself caring deeply for Sam, following her through detoxes and psych wards, halfway houses and hospitals, becoming ever manically driven to save her from the sickness and sadness leftover from Sam s terrible past But just as Janice was on the verge of becoming the girl s legal guardian, she made a shocking discovery Sam was sicker than anyone knew, in ways nobody could have imagined.Written with startling candor and immediacy, Have You Found Her is the story of one woman s quest to save a girl s life and the hard truths she learns about herself along the way A rich and compelling account Ultimately this is a book about the narrator s journey and the dangers that attend the urge within us all to believe we can save another soul A terrific read Cammie McGovern, author of Eye Contact

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    1. Janice Erlbaum

      Janice Erlbaum is the author of two memoirs, GIRLBOMB A Halfway Homeless Memoir Villard, March 06 , and HAVE YOU FOUND HER A Memoir Villard, Feb 08 , and one novel, I, LIAR Thought Catalog Books, 2015 Her poetry and prose have been featured in anthologies including ALOUD Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Caf , THE BUST GUIDE TO THE NEW GIRL ORDER, THE BEST AMERICAN EROTIC POEMS FROM 1800 TO THE PRESENT, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHER S HANDBOOK The 826 National Guide to Writing Your Memoir, and VERSES THAT HURT Pleasure and Pain from the POEMFONE Poets.She was a contributor to BUST magazine from 1994 through 2007 Her work has been featured in Glamour, Redbook, Marie Claire, Elle, Elle UK, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, and New York Times Janice teaches memoir writing and has addressed audiences at colleges, coffee houses, and theaters across the East Coast She lives in her native New York City with her domestic partner, Bill Scurry, and their three cats.

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    1. This gripping and fascinating memoir reads like fiction Janice volunteers at a shelter and becomes very attached to a girl there Things rapidly spiral out of control This book is shocking it s like a car accident you can t look away from Not only can one be addicted to drugs, but one can be addicted to the idea of rescuing, of being the selfless hero Things are not always what they appear to be Great book.

    2. Before I start my review I just want to comment on the 1 star review that popped up first for me The reviewer says that Janice and Sam s relationship isn t fleshed out I want to say that, in my opinion, the relationship between the two couldn t be fleshed out I think the reviewer, for whatever reason, really missed or ignored some valuable parts of the story It seems as if he or she feels very strongly and didn t like the book for a number of reasons No problem I liked it myself But I also want [...]

    3. What the hell was this book about Good question A former homeless woman goes back to the shelter and volunteers her time, and her beads, doing beading with the girls There she eventually meets Sam Sam is homeless and has all of these stories full of hooker mothers meth addict fathers prostition knife fights rapes etc If you saw it on Jerry Springer then she s lived through it She is also coming down with various illness and infections.Our author although she has the greatest, most wonderful and [...]

    4. This book was absolutely one of the best I ve read in a long, long time Honestly, at first I didn t think I would be quite so into it, but as soon as I got past page 10, I couldn t even put it down I will definitely be reading this author s other books, just as soon as I can get them I don t want to spoil the story for anyone, but the ending is just so shocking, and I never saw it coming.

    5. If I were to sum up the entire novel in a single word, I would choose emotional I don t mean emotional, like a weepy romance novel or a heavy memoir about death I mean emotional, like pure, raw human emotion Erlbaum spares us no detail of the pain and joy that she is swept over with during her journey with Sam The novel is mainly about the relationship between Erlbaum herself and Sam, an emotionally shattered teenager that she meets at a homeless shelter that she volunteered at Erlbaum finds tha [...]

    6. I thought I knew exactly what I would be dealing with when I saw this book on the shelf but boy, was I wrong The gist I got from scanning the back cover was that this would be your quintessential story about a thirty four year old woman who had spent her own time in a homeless shelter for teens when she was a young runaway and who now hopes to give back in some way to the place that helped her when she didn t know where else to turn But if you choose to read this book and I definitely recommend [...]

    7. I greatly enjoyed the author s first book, Girlbomb, so I thought I d give this one a try Have You Found Her is the very unusual true story of a woman who takes a homeless and very ill teenager under her wing, regarding her as a friend and surrogate daughter Eventually, however, the author discovers the girl is nothing that she had claimed to be I found this story quite riveting and had a great deal of trouble even putting this book down Some reviews have criticized the author s inability to see [...]

    8. This is a memoir about Janice Erlbaum, who returns to the shelter she lived in as a teenager and becomes a volunteer She is cautioned not to become too close to any of the clients and to maintain strong boundaries, which she fails to do almost immediately She develops a strong bond with one teenager, Sam, who clearly reminds the author of herself As she becomes deeply intertwined in Sam s life, she realizes that maintaining this relationship is than she bargained for.The first three quarters o [...]

    9. I read Janice Erlbaum s earlier memoir Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless Memoir and really liked it so I picked this up I realy enjoyed this book It covers a time 20 years after Janice had left her monther s home and lived in and out of youth shelters in NYC for a few years in high school.Now that she s an adult with a career, stable relationship and a good place with her family, she decides to give back by volunteering at the same shelter that took her in so long ago There she meets many girls that r [...]

    10. An extremely affecting, beautifully written read I recognized early that the author was searching for something of herself in the pursuit of this friendship judging her choices was not important because I was very much into the story and read the book in a single sitting Further, I liked her I liked her foibles, her intelligence, her humor, her moments of clarity, and her rapport with the girls at the shelter Anyone who thinks they know someone or can save or change them should really read this [...]

    11. Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster ride if you read this memoir The author returns to the honeless shelter where she lived as a teen, determined to help someone else get their life in order She meets Sam, a young girl of 19, who is the product of horrible abuse suffered while she still ived at home Sam lived on the streets since the age of 12, where she was introduced to the drug culture Janice is determined to save Sam, and this is the story of that determination, a story of what [...]

    12. I ve worked in behavioral health for a good amount of time and found this story really unsettling on many different levels at many different points I don t care to take a defamatory tone because I respect the work that goes into writing a book and hope the best for the author and her family I will say that I hope that writing this book was part of a healing process and I think some of the narrative is reflective of being written immediately after this year long experience and as such, conveys a [...]

    13. Reviewed by coollibrarianchick for TeensReadTooI just finished a book, after running back to the beach because it was mistakenly left there, that I am going to pass on to everyone looking for a good book to read HAVE YOU FOUND HER by Janice Erlbaum was a gut wrenching, pull at your heart strings, can t put it down memoir It actually reads like a novel, a suspenseful one at that, full of plot twists and turns I finished it in two days The little blurb I read about it in my local library s Bookpag [...]

    14. This is a fascinating sequel to Erlbaum s earlier memoir, Girl Bomb Girl Bomb is a story of fleeing her home to live in a homeless shelter in New York city Have You Found Her is about her return to the same shelter years later to volunteer The innocence and kindness of the author is equalled only by her bad judgment in allowing a troubled young woman to step across the boundary of caregiving and enter her life Trouble ensues.It s a good story about Coming of Age, about gritty life on the edge of [...]

    15. Wow, what a different read I loved GirlBomb by Janice Earlbaum and this latest book revisits where Janice spent timeless as a homeless teen how she reaches out and begins volunteering Wednesdays by making beaded necklaces, bracelets, etc as a way to reach the homess teens Janice meets and helps Sam Samantha Dunleavy and this is a gripping story, Janice extends herself, saves Sam and along the way learns alot about herself, her world, Sam s world and those arouns her who love her and support her [...]

    16. ehe ending could have been so much better Like, she spent all this time building up this interesting story about a girl savant with an incredibly difficult like, and then, it s almost like she got sick of writing about her, and so just tacked on an ending that seemed short and out of place.I understand it s a memoir and that you kind of have to tell things how they happened, I just felt like too much was left unfinished Interesting story though, I wish I could have seen it to a better ending.

    17. In this memoir, the author begins by describing her initially disapointing experience as an idealistic volunteer at a shelter for homeless teens Those who have worked in social services should be able to relate Erlbaum s experience as a volunteer at the shelter The author develops an intense friendship with one of the teens from the shelter Erlbaum s account of this increasingly complex and intense relationship kept me interested enough to read this book in a few days The plot has an interesting [...]

    18. This book was given to me very thoughtfully as a birthday present At first it was hard to read because the author writes from her own experience helping troubled teens and her difficulty with setting boundaries was so hard to watch I admired her genuineness After a while the book was impossible to put down It was so engaging By the end, she had grown amazingly Now I recommend the book to graduate students and encourage them to read the whole way through so we can discuss the author s experience [...]

    19. I m just in shock Like this book was written to get back at Sam somehow for not wanting Janice in her life any

    20. I m at the bitter stage of life where I resist reading memoirs by people somewhere around my age, simply for that self involved reason that they ve written it and I haven t I m so glad that Have You Found Her landed in my mailbox and broke me out of this sad, jealous, self limitation I read this energetic, flowing narrative in two sittings, and was so struck by the honesty of Janice Erlbaum s story and its compelling ideas of change and growth that I m re examining my own resistance to writing.A [...]

    21. When Janice Erlbaum author of Girlbomb begins volunteering at the shelter where she briefly lived as a teen, she immediately feels a connection to the 18 to 20 year old girls she sees None, however, touch her heart the way nineteen year old Sam does Sam, a heroin addict who has been on the streets for seven years, is also a talented writer Despite rules to the contrary rules, as the gruff program head reminds Janice, that exist as much to protect the volunteers as the girls , Janice and Sam almo [...]

    22. My interest in this book stemmed from the example of homelessness in new york city However, I think there are several themes in this book that are important in the social work field and reflected some of my own experiences and processes This memoir is based on an experience of a woman and her relationship that develops with a homeless teen The woman Janice first comes in contact with the girl when she decides to become a volunteer at the shelter she once used as a teen Despite her relevant perso [...]

    23. In Have You Found Her, Janice Erlbaum has written a fine a memoir with all the trappings of a novel As a kid, Erlbaum fled her home only to find herself in the New York City shelter system By her mid thirties, having reconciled with her parents and attained some measure of success in her life, Janice decides it is time to return to the shelter where she once resided to volunteer and give back to the place that helped her when she most needed it In the mist of of her volunteering, Janice meets Sa [...]

    24. Janice, the author, went to volunteer at a homeless shelter for teenage girls, which was Janice s shelter for a few years when she was a teenager Janice was a looking for a way to give something back, as well as a way to put the past behind her and move on with the good life she had built for herself Instead she met Samantha, a troubled teenage runaway, and basically fell in love the non romantic kind with her Sam s problems consumed Janice s life, much to the chagrin of Janice s husband And Sam [...]

    25. Have You Found Her, Janet Erlbaum s second memoir, tells the story of Sam, a young, homeless girl who is desperate for attention, and Ms Erlbaum s quest to help Sam in the hopes of making up for her own damaged teenage years This book was somewhat entertaining and I enjoy Ms Erlbaum s style of writing, but I did find the middle of the book to be a bit tedious at times A couple hundred pages lead up to the big revelation and then the book is wrapped up abruptly, almost as though a deadline were l [...]

    26. Anyone who s thinking of going into kiruv, or doing other work with teenagers especially disadvantaged ones , should read this book, especially if they have the capacity for honest self reflection.This highly readable memoir describes a successful graduate of a teen homeless shelter who goes back to the shelter twenty years later to volunteer, ostensibly for altruistic reasons, but is actually propelled by a subconscious desire to find a teen who reminds her of her former self and be a hero to t [...]

    27. I really liked Erlbaum s Girlbomb I really like her writing in general I remember her from Bust Thus I enjoyed Have You Found Her because of her writing style and because she s generally so honest about her own failings The only quibble I had about this particular book is that it was sooooo obvious to me that she was being conned It s a little surprising to me that someone who has the life experience that Janice does is so easily taken in I was suspicious of Sam from very beginning As the saying [...]

    28. Have you found her is a true story about the author going to volunteer at a homeless shelter with teenaged girls, because she d once stayed there as a teen herself She emotionally attaches herself to one girl in particular and forms a really weird relationship with her the rules of the program are that she can t contact the girls, but she does anyway if i were the people in charge at the shelter i d be totally freaked out by her actions towards this girl, and they were somewhat, but ultimately t [...]

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